Monday, February 25, 2013

Online HTML to PHP,JavaScript and ASP Converter Tool

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      Suppose If you want to develop a project with PHP for designing a website.You may get the Copy Of the HTML code from the website and convert here.
How to get the HTML Code of the Website or Page
        1. First Visit the Website.
         2.Right click the Mouse
         3.Select the View Page Source
         4.After selecting You may Automatically Link to another page showing the HTML Code.
   You may Copy the HTML Code my selecting all i.e., pressing CTRL+A 
         After that save some where and save as filename.html i.e.., online.html
        Now There’s absolutely no need to re-write your HTML codes to another language manually..
         This online HTML to PHP convert tool can do the following for you automatically with as single click.
     1.Convert HTML to PHP
     2.Convert HTML to JavaScript
     3.Convert HTMl to ASP
Here in the below Table First Place the HTML Code and click on any one option to generate the code in the any of the languages. 


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