Monday, March 11, 2013

how to get email address with @Google mail address

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Gmail is one of the best free web email service with great features. Gmail has changed the picture of web Email services.There are many Gmail tricks which can make you stand out of the crowd. 

How do you feel when someone says he has @googlemail address . If you are a Gmail user, even you have @googlemail address.When you signed up for Gmail address , with you also get @googlemail address. 

Suppose you have an email address with the name that means you also have an email address 

You can use these address to receive mail from your friends and from business newsletter in different folder.Share your address with your friends and very important messages and rest for public usage use, set a filter to receive messages from domain to a separate folder.

This will also help you to quickly read important E-mails if you receive lots of Email address.Bonus Tip: To stop receiving spam, instead of posting email address in format, rather use paranoid[at]gmail.comGmail also does not check ….i.e., both are same

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