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[Solved]How To activate Windows 8 Using 7PMTech

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Introduction of Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the Most trending Operating system that was developed by Microsoft.Windows 7 is better compared to windows 8 according to my point of view.
Windows 8 introduces new metro GUI(Graphical User Interface).SO many People are interested to use Windows 8 but before activating they could not use the some feautures like changing the picture password and background design of Ribbon.

Windows Store:   

            It is the extra feature that was not existed in windows 7   but placed in windows 8.
How to activate Windows 8  
           Before coming here you might have searched a lot and many more but all cases to activate windows 8 are failed.But now you have reached the correct place where you can activate the windows 8 

.             Now your mind was wandering that whether windows 8 supports updates or not ?

Yes ,But it also supports updates and it automatically updates everyt time.But here For virus Protection Windows Defender will scan without the antivirus but it’s better to have a good antivirus.

How to activate Windows  using KMServer

Here we have to follow a sequence of steps to activate the windows 8
1)Set the Time Zone To Chennai

How to set the Time Zone to Chennai

i)You have to click the time at the right side bottom end and afterwords select the “Change the date  and time settings”

ii)Select the “Date and Time” Tab and then Click “change Time Zone” and select the (UTC                 +05:30 )Chennai,Kolkatta,Mumbai,New Delhi.

2)Afterwords Synchronise the Time with Internet Time

How to synchronise the Time with Internet Time
i)                    You have to click the time at the right side bottom end and afterwords select the “Change the date  and time settings”
ii)                   Select the “Internet Time tab”and click Change Settings and then Click “Update now” and click Ok
Activator Download Link:.Windows 8 Key downloader link
3)Download the Windows Activator from the Download Link  Windows 8 Key downloader link
4)After Downloading It will Open like as shown in the folder as shown

5)select 7pm Tech –W8 AIO Tool-  and Press Enter And It will Open as shown below and wait for 2 minutes and select Your OS Name as Professional.
6.Make sure Before Activating Your PC/Laptop Should Be connected to Internet.
7)After that select the “Activate Key”.
8)Wait for 1 minute and You will receive notification that Your windows is activated and expiration time will be for every 6months.
9)Repeat the same Process every 6 minutes.

How to check whether Windows 8 is activated or not?

1)Open My Computer in Windows 8 using (Windows + E)E –refers to explorer.

2)Select System Properties

3)After wards It will the status that Your Windows is Activated.

Finally If you Like This Buy a Original windows buy windows 9 which is releasing on june 24,2014.
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