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[Offline]Download The W3Schools Download Completely Offline version

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W3schools Offline version Free Download Website,W3schools Website offline,W3schoolsW3schools is a Excellent website to learn all the programming languages in very detailed manner.I am advising you to Use this website for learning the programming languages.Even you can learn any programming language without having any talent.

W3schools offers to learn especailly web Designing languages like HTML,XHTML,HTML5,CSS3,javaScript,advanced java script and XML,XML,.NET Technologies and so many languages.
If you download this you can read the entire website in offline without using the internet.

How to use w3Schools Offline version

1.  First Download the file from the below link.Don't worry it is compressed to 2 mb but actual after decompressed is 105mb.
2.After Extracting the files from ZIP files Open the folder named "".

3.Afterwords find the file named default.html

seelct Default.htm

  • Open It and Enjoy W3Schools In offline..
Thanks For Reading.
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Search Files Faster in Windows 7/8 less than a Second

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Very Oftenly You may need To search For a file or a folder in Your Computer/Laptops Harddisk.
 If You know the exact file location then there is no problem but if you dont know the file location there exists a problem.

      If you work with the numerous number of files and folders then there exists a problem such that it is very difficult to find the necessary file.
          In Windows 7 there is an excellent and fast Indexing service for searching the files or folders fastly .
Whenever you type something in windows 7 it will see the results immediately.But mostly they show only 
Local Disk(C) files but not the other drives.

                But whereas in windows 7 shows the results but windows xp/8 Does not have a excellent search option in their windows Operating System(OS).

If you are using Windows 8 Its search option and its experience is too poor.Windows 8 shows only the files and folders in local Disk(C) initially but you can index to all drives.


This Software runs on all versions of Windows operating System
No need of any requiremnts or specifications


Here Procedure means nothing just download the software and run the software.
Then Search the files and folders in the a hard disk.
For example if you type “amaranth” in the search it will show all the files and folders which contains “amaranth”

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