Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check the Graphic Card memory

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              Graphic card is a video card,display card,graphic adapter.It is a small piece of hardware that was installed on the computer. Before installing  the software we may check some minimum requirements as you check for graphic card  memory while  playing games.


      First processor sends  the binary  data code to the  Graphic card,where graphic card  decide how to display the pixels in the form of text/image on the screen.

Here I am providing how to check the graphic card memory in 3 ways.

1.Using Run

1.Press Windows + R and type dxdiag in run window as shown below and press Enter.


2.Again Select the display tab in the Directx Diagnostic tool.

3.Here in the above screenshot you  found all the details regarding Graphic Card memory and Type.

2.Using Control Panel

1.Firstly open the Control panel (Windows + R And Type control and press enter).

2.Afterwords select the Performance Information and tools.

3.Afterwords then it will open in new Pop Up Window as shown in below screenshot and now  click on View and Print Detailed performance and system information at the right bottom..

4.Afterwords it will show the detailed information regarding the graphic card memory size,RAM size,Hard Disk Size.

5.That's It you will easily know the Graphic card memory.

3.Using Screen Resolution

1.First Right On the computer and select Screen resolution

2.Then a new pop up window is appeared as shown in below screenshot and click on Advanced Settings.

3.Afterwords a new window show all the details regarding the Graphic card.

I hope you learn How to check the Graphic card memory.If you know any methods You may comment here.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

How to rename Your Processor name?

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Hi friends before going to start the discussion, I want to say something. Before I am going to wake up  at the early morning I got a dream that I sold my own Lap and I bought a new MacBook. But the surprise is I sold my laptop with the more price what I Bought by cheating i.e.,   by renaming Processor name and graphic card and everything i.e., complete configuration. After I woke up and see that it’s a dream. But I don’t want to make a dream so I decided to Google  it.

   But In this Post I am going to tell you how to change your processor name .

   One Suggestion:

         If you want to sell your laptop You may sell through olx.in because they Think they are fools after they had bought after changing the configuration. After you have changed the configuration don’t sell your laptop to your relatives. Because when they installed new operating System it automatically restores to original settings.
 Want to Change your Processor name then just follow simple steps:


        Press Windows + R  and type regedit in the run command and press Enter.


    After that a confirmation box is allowed to take permission for opening registry Editor. Then click on Ok.


      Afterword’s double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and again double click on HARDWARE and again double click on DESCRIPTION and again double click on system and again double click on Central Processor  and click on 0.



   Afterwords at right side it will show you some details.among all select Processor name string  and a dialog box is opened as shown as below screenshot  and change it.
   If you want to make it to i5 you can rename it that’s it as shown below. And       click on ok.

That’s it It is very simple.

How to check whether it is showing renamed processor

                  Check out the system properties

That’s it You have confirmed renaming your processor as shown in figure.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

What is Backlink and How to get Backlinks

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what is backlinksand how to get backlinks

    So many people who are getting less traffic will try to learn SEO tips, but it seems like a different language as alien language. if you start researching on what is SEO tips the most common word you will get heard is the back links . Don’t afraid and left this post if you left without reading completely you will never learn SEO tips or backlinks because this is the same mistake that was done by me.
   So try to understand each and every basic things on blogger i.e., meta tags, search descriptions, backlinks, how to forward a domain name to .com and these are must  and should  to every blogger. Because now a days Search Engines are giving priority to Google page rank and Backlinks and also Alexa ranking. For getting better ranking in a challenging world these are basics.

This article will discuss regarding backlink in SEO and How will you get backlinks?.

Back link In SEO

                       In Simple words, the backlinks are incoming links from other websites or forums or from blogs. if you place comments on blog posts then other visitors will link back to your site if they like your way of comment. This approach is called Backlink and also helps you in better performance in search engine ranking.

 Advantage of Backlink

1. If you place comment on High Page rank websites like PR 5-7 webpages then a backlink will be generated and also gets a better page Rank 2 for your Website. In the same way if you comment on 3-4 PR websites you will get a page Rank 1 for beginners.

2. Your article will indexed onto the search engines (google, yahoo,msn) quickly  whenever you publish articles. if your website is getting more backlinks then google automatically recognise your articles and start getting the first post on the search engine.

3. if you are getting anchor text optimized backlinks then your site will get higher ranking in less time.

Best Way to get Backlinks to your Website
      Still now you have understood what backlink according to Search engine Optimisation is.
Now we will discuss how to get backlinks.

Getting Started with Backlinks

    I am here  to provide some suggestions as listed below:
                                   1. Write Top 10 Articles
                                   2. Write Commenting on Forums, blogs/websites.
                                   3. submit your website to high PR directories.
Write Top 10 articles

    I am suggesting you to write the top 10 articles like
1.                                                          Top 10 laptops below 50,000
                          Top 10 Laptops below 40,000
 If you write above type of articles then there exists a chance of getting backlink because if your friends or other persons who likes to suggest to other friends for buying a laptop then they send link of your website for top 10 android phones below 30,000 and so In this Way you will get a backlink.

Commenting on Forums leaving URLS of your website.

So many lakhs of people are using forums for any doubts, if you found any doubt related to your topic/niche you must and should comment and  solve their problems and gave a reference as your website URLS. Just try to dominate your answer on forums such that they think that they are better knowledgeable and start seeing the website and you will be credited with the one backlink.

But Be careful there exists a problem don’t comment on unrealated forums like health forums and so on Be active to comment on related niche Forums only otherwise google will punish you.

Comments on blogs/websites:

        I am suggesting you to write  comments but one way don’t comment one nice i.e., Simple,nice ,good post because google will penalised you try to comment on Blogs with two paragraphs and leave your URL there.

Commenting on Commentluv wordpress blogs/website without URL.

           After a long research I found that if you commnet on Commentluv blog then you will get one backlink.
        Don’t leave URL because comment luv allows you to ask the website name at the first  if you add a url google will penalised you.

Write Guest – Posts on other blogs/sites

               Try guest posting on PR 4-7 blogs/websites such that they are allowed you to get  1 or  2 backlinks through your blog post or author box such that there exists a backlinks and also brings traffic from their website.

Submitting your site to high PR(page rank) website directories

I am suggesting you to submit your website to high PR website directories such that their high PR directories will give you unique visitors and also gives better Page Rank.
Don’t submit to all directories because some directories are spam and they make your website as spam and cost lesser in case of Google Page rank and alexa Rank.

             I am having a better hope that you will understand the basic SEO tips  regarding Backlinks and start doing your work for getting backlink for your site and from now forget about the traffic and indexing problems.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to find the old look of any website :Facebook Previous Version

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Hi friends Now a days Everything is varying Day-to-day.

For Ex: In olden days  there  is No Smartphones in Future we don’t expect  the KeyPad Phones.
In the same Way Websites are also Varying Day by Day.

         The one website will not be same all the time. Day to day they also develop the Coding.
Previous  HTML pages are to written by manually but now completely  generated without writing manually..

In past years HTML(Hypertext markup language)  is the only one which is used but Now it is enhanced to

                   Now a days A website is  designed based on these presentation languages i.e.,
HTML5                                                                                                                                           CSS3                                                                                                                                                  XML                                                                                                                                                       Javascript                                                                                                                                                  AJAX(Advanced Java Script and XML)                                                                                                          PHP                                                                                                                                                     Jquery          
        If you know many more languages that are used  for web designing then place your valuable comment.

But Here You may get question that what is the old look of website before 2 years or before.

Now To get the old look of the website

Just Follow the simple Steps

You have to choose the Website i.e.,www.technologyforcse.blogspot.com              
STEP 2  
Visit the Given Below website link
                this is the website that is used to get the old look of any website.

                                                                 Website Link

Type the website name in the text box

   STEP 4
Simply choose the date to show the look of the website at that specified date as shown in below screenshot

Finally the Old look of the website is viewed as shown in screenshot

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