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How to find who is online though your friends kept offline in facebook chat

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 Facebook is the best place to chat with friends,Professinals and relatives.Facebook is also the best purpose to do business purpose.It offers excellent feautures  regarding security and many other compared to Twitter,Google+,Linked In and other many social Networking sites.
According to my Point of view:
           Facebook was  mostly used by Friends all over the world.
Facebook           Google+ is mostly used for Business purposes and also Websmasters.
           Linked In was mostly used by Professionals.
          Twitter was used by celebrities frequently.

Facebook has Excellent Feature  i.e, Go offline to chat.This features helps you to hide yourself from chat. I am sharing you the tricks that will help you to know who is offline to chat though they are online in Facebook chat.

Trick 1:

              It is not very effective approach but is the simple trick to find invisible friend is by keeping an eye on activity happening with your facebook friends.Send a message  if he read a message it shows a message”Seen”  that the message is seen by your friend.

Might be your friend is going to post status to his timeline,Facebook groups,might be going to comment on any photos.status.These figures you to confirm that he is online but he is offline to chat.

If he is owner of any page like AtoZtricks, If you receive  any updates then You may also confirm that he is onlilne but invisible to chat.

Trick 2: The best  approach

              There are some apps(Sneaky online) that will help you to figure out the friends who area logged into facebook but they kept offline.


Follow the procedure to detect offline friends

1. First goto this app and authorise it.
2. Then this app will show the list of friends who are online though your friends  are offline as shown in  below screenshot.

Who is online even someone kept offline on facebook chat
You need to cross check with facebook friends who are online but visible to chat and who are online but  invisible to chat.

                                 Who is online being offline in Facebook chat.


       AtoZtricks is not responsible if any misunderstanding arises.use  this approach whenever you have a urgent work and you need to check whether you friend is offline or not. 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Protect your Facebook Account from phishing and Keylogger approach

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Hi friends,In this post I am going to tell you how  to protect your facebook account from phishing and also how a hacker is going to hack the facebook account using Phishing.Are you getting doubt that what is phishing Don’t worry A TO ZTRICKS is here to explain in detailed about phishing and how hackers are going to  hack your facebook account

What is Phishing?

 Phishing is the best technique according to hacker because this is the simple approach to  steal the username and password of  a victim’s Facebook account  using fake facebook login page.


Don’t Confused?

          Hacker is going to create the fake html page of Facebook which looks same as Facebook login page. It’s very simple. Just right click on Facebook login page and select  “View Page Source”  then a new page is going to appear with some code.Just Copy all the code by using ctrl+A and Select copy or CTRL+C and paste it in new HTML page with filename.htm extension  not .html  extension This is the only  difference that hacker do’s that’s it.

How hacker is going to hack facebook passwords

 First of all they created a ads like
            Earn money by just sharing links and  How to hack facebook and so on…
            Free recharge of 100/- by sharing..
           Internet scam happened.

Afterwords it forwarded to  phishing  facebook login page which is same as Facebook login page.
Are you thinking how to identify the phishing  page and actual facebook page? Yes it’s a Excellent doubt if you are also thinking in the same way.I will explain in detailed with some steps.

What is the Difference between Phishing page and Normal Facebook Page?

Just  Check the URLS of   below screenshots you will clearly get an idea without reading anything.

Facebook login page Without Phishing Technique

Here the URL is i.e., original Domain   here  no one can create a website with already existing. So better to login if there exists a domain name with ad domain.

not phishing page

Facebook login page with phishing technique.
Firstly they must and should have a website with other than domain as shown in the below screenshot URL.

                       How to add pretty and floating chat box on facebook 
                       Who is online being offline in facebook
                       How to remove Seen Notification in facebook chat

How hacking Process takes place?

  1.       First Hackers  Created a fake facebook login  page.
  2.    Afterwords   Whenever   you click on Ads they will forwarded to Facebook login page.
  3.       Then After logging to the facebook  the username and password will be stored on their Database as shown in below screenshot. 
  4.    That’s It hacker will change password and change all settings and there is a chance of misusing.

passwords saved

Another Approach to hack:Keylogger Approach

Hackers used to create a File with keylogger inside a image or any software which can be downloadable .If someone viewed image or installed the software then you are caught.Hacker will get all the passwords and usernames whatever the websites that  are  logged in.

Guidelines to protect
        For this approach  Antivirus should be effective. if antivirus is Working or genuine then that software or image will be considered as Virus and it automatically deletes it .this is the Advantage of using Good and genuine Antivirus.

My Advise
            Better to buy Avast Antivirus Genuine.

How to save yourself from Phishing and Keylogger Approach before being hacked.

protect from facebook                  I am Advising you to please Check the URL from address bar  before going to login to facebook or any other websites to avoid Phishing.

Better to install Effective antivirus  without being caught of your facebook account.

share this until no one will be hacked from phishing
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to improve alexa rank-21 Ways

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Are you searching for improving the Alexa Rank,then you came here the correct place to improve alexa rank.By using the follow 21 Steps I Have improves my alexa rank a lot.

killer tips to improve alexa rank,how to improve alexa rank,how to get alexa rank below 1,00,000 in  30 days

How alexa rank is measuring?

        Are you thinking that alexa rank is determined based on overall traffic all over world ?No,it’s absolutely wrong,because  I will tell you in details.

 Alexa rank is measured based on alexa Widget and Alexatoolbar .The website which is having alexa widgets will improve the rank,but Alexa toolbar is the effective one for getting better alexa rank less than 100k. The visitors who are visiting to your site by installing alexa toolbar on their computer then you will be more benefited and get Alexa rank below 1,00,00 in 30 days.
                   So I am Advising you to write the posts regarding the Blogging/SEO because the bloggers search for blogging tips and webmasters search for SEO tips.Bloggers/webmasters has installed the Alexa toolbar on their computer  then you will automatically  improve  Alexa Rank very quickly

#1.Install the Alexa Tool Bar

         You must use alexa tool bar on your browser so that there is a quick improvement  of alexa rank.You ask your friends,relatives and your visitors to download the alexa tool bar and visit your  website then alexa rank improves very quickly.

#2.Claim/verify your site on

 You may easily claim your website on . Just sign up for a new account on Alexa  with  your website and insert the meta tags of ALexa in the head section.Dont Confuse See the related post below to claim your website on alexa.

#3.Place alexa widget on your website/blog

  Just place the alexa rank widget on your blog/website  and see the improvements in the alexarank,it automatically improves.

#4.Increase traffic

 Your blog/website is getting less traffic then first increase the traffic by writing some effective posts. Write mostly on Blogging/SEO/how to/ earn money online/ topics .Bloggers visits for blogger tips and webmasters search for SEO tips. Users of bloggers and webmasters are using Alexa tool bar.alexa tracks based on alexa tool bar visits.if you are using a creative images then visitors like your creativity approach and never leave your site and stay in touch with your site.

#5.Write a Posts  regarding Alexa on your Site and generate backlink to

 You must and should provide review of  Alexa on your website even monthly or thrice per year.Your site should write some review about alexa rankings of your website statistics and link back to am advising you to write the post regarding What is ALexa,How to Place Alexa rank widget on your Blog/website.

#6.Write your website review on Alexa

Alexa traffic rank is depends on 3 factors.They are
1. Alexa traffic through alexa tool bar
 2.Blog posting from engines 
3. Alexa Review.
Alexa through toolbar is mentioned on first step,Alexa rank from  search engines .Another approach is by reviews on alexa.So you write a review about your website on alexa and ask your friends and relatives to write reviews on alexa and also ask your visitors to write reviews on alexa.

#7. Generate Backlinks by commenting on blogs/sites.

       Generating backlinks is not easy for must and should read this post to know what is backlinks and how to get backlinks in 1200 words very detailed.
 Comment on other blogs which is having High Page rank sites will lead to a better google page rank and better alexa rank.
Try these approaches to get backlinks
a)      Commenting on blogs
b)      Commenting on forums
c)       Write guest post on top blogs around top 50,000 Alexa rank Websites.
d)      Comment on Commentluv blogs/sites.
 If you are using Word press install Comment Luv to your Blog it also improves your better Alexa rank and also Alexa rank.

#8. Update your site frequently by adding fresh content that keeps users returning to your site.

      You must and should update your status daily or else weekly check the comments and help other bloggers providing the solution to their problems .you must and should write atleast one article for one week  Such that there is a chance of continuous visits on your site by an attracted/impressed person.

#9. Share our posts on Social Networking Sites

 So many bloggers are feeling shy to share your posts but don’t do the same mistake from now onwards.If you are writing on blogging tricks then join on all blogging groups in Facebook and Google plus and in the same way if you are writing on  technology/hacking/computer tips then you have to join all the group related to computer tips/hacking/tech news in facebook and google plus.
     It’s better to create a Facebook Fan page and place it on your blog/site, if anyone comes and visits your site , Then they like the page .By using this approach  you will get 100% traffic guarantee.

#10.Maintain Quality

             Your main aim is to attract the audience,so your post should be neat and detailed.Don’t make visitors to frustrate your site by writing huge quantity,which is not related to topic.
Almost try as much as possible to use the Blog post with the neat interface and Easy to understand for the visitors.

#11.Use a Custom Top Domain name to your blog

So many bloggers are using because it is of free cost .I am suggesting you to buy a new domain name i.e.   .com,.net ,.org, .info .in etc. I am suggesting you to buy a domain from GoDaddy or BigRock.These are the best registrars that are available in our day-to-day life.

#12. Be patient

 So many bloggers in our day-today are felling urgent/emergency so they must and should wait for at least 30-45 days to get your alexa rank below 100K.

#13.Set your website as default homepage on your browser and your friends/relatives computers.

If you are using alexa toolbar on your browser,alexa rank willdefinitely  improves,if you are opening  a site more time times on  your browser/friends browser,then definitely alexa rank will improve a lot.

#14. Use almost 3-4 browsers

  So many bloggers are fixed to have a single browser i.e., Google chrome,try to open your site from different browsers by installing alexa tool bar.Then Alexa tool bar counts as 4 visits.

#15. Constantly change your ip Address and open your site for many times

                Just now I have told that changing a 1 time  ip address leads to 4 visits from 4 browser,if you change your ip address for 5 times then automatically  alexa counts you for 20 times ie., they trace it as 20 visitors visits site by installing alexa Alexa will ranks lower

#16.Using Software’s

 So many bloggers  are using software’s for getting the less alexa rank in less time.Using softwares alexa rank  automatically improves a lot .

#17.Use redirected url of alexa instead of direct URL

       So many bloggers are commenting on other blogs/forums.Instead of Placing the URL of a website is for getting traffic and placing a redirected url leads to better alexa rank.
    Use this type of link
 Replace with your website URL.

#18. Make sure that your site is optimised for search engine and construct meta tag and robot tags in constructive way.

Your site must and should be optimised and you need to place a meta tags for every post,Such that there is a better chances of showing your site on

#19.Submit your sitemap to search Engines like Google/yahoo/msn/others

So many people are writing blog posts and then just starting publishing,this is the biggest problem.Just start submit your site after your post is published.

#20.Submit your Sites to High PR directories like DMOZ?

     So many people are not showing interest to submit your page to directories,because this is a cheap trick by them to have to have a backlink of their site.
   So be careful Submit your Site to high PR websites.

#21. Go for Alexa Pro

 If you are having some money then you may go for Alexa Pro then you will increase alexa Rank.
You must try for Alexa Paid plan where you are provided with site audits and certified metrics.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top 10 smartphones with price

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                Now a days So many people can live without having a food but can’t live without having their smartphones not even a second also. If you are going to buy a smartphones  then you must and should chek some configuration before buying costlier smartphones.
The configurations that you must and should before buying a smartphones are as follows:

         1   Operating System.
         2   Processor name. 
 3      RAM size.
           4.       Internal Memory.
                                       5.       Display Size and Touch screen Typ 
       6.       Front camera. 
      7.       Rear Camera.
       8.       Stand By time.
9.       Whether it supports Bluetooth,Wi-FI,Hotspot,USB,2G,3G,4G,Dual Sim,Triple Sim.

Here I listed Some best smartphones above 20,000

1.iPhone 5

iphone 5,iphone 5s,iphone 5 with price,top 10 smartphones

Price                                    :   40,955     
                  OS                                      :   Apple iOS 6
Processor                             :   1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
RAM                                   :   1 GB
Internal Memory                   :   16/32/64 GB
Display                                 :   4 Inches LED capacitive touch screen
Rear Camera                        :  8GB 
Front camera                        :  1.2 GB
Stand By time                       :   225 hours
It supports                            :   3G,4G,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.


     It has large screen
     It has latest  iOS 6.

     It’s Cost is on Higher side
     Talk time is not sufficient.
     Lack of External Memory
     It has Dual Core instead of Quad Core.
     It has only 1 GB RAM.

2.Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z,Sony Xperia,SOny Xperia Z1,Sony Xperia ZR,Top android phones,top 10 smartphones

Price                                      :   38,395
OS                                        :   Android v4.2 jelly Bean
Processor                              :   2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM                                     :   2GB
Internal Memory                     :   16 GB
Display                                   :   6.4 inches Triluminous capacitive touchscreen
Rear Camera                          :   8GB
Front camera                          :   2GB
Stand By time                         :   790 hours(2G),820(4G).
It supports                              :   3G,GPS,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

                  SnapDragon 800 chipset
                  Shatter proof and  glass resistant glass.
                  Full HD display.

                 No 4G.

3.Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1,Sony Xperia,android smartphone,best android smartphone

Price                                     :   37,269
OS                                        :   Android v4.2 jelly Bean
Processor                              :  2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM                                     :  2GB
Internal Memory                    :  16 GB
Display                                  :  5 inches LED backlight LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
Rear Camera                         :  20.7 MP 
Front camera                         :  2MP
Stand By time                        :  880 hours
It supports                             :  3G,4G,GPS,Bluetooth(v4.0),USB(v2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-Fi Hotspot.


Full HD Triluminous Display
Sanpdragon 800 chipset
Sony Mobile bravia Engine 2
Water and Dust Resistant.


                           No 4G in India

4.Nokia Lumia 925

1111Nokia Lumia 925,Nokia Lumia,Best android smartphone,Top 10 smartphones,

Price                                    :  26,990 
OS                                      :   Microsoft Windows phone 8 OS
Processor                            :   1.5GHz Dual Core  Processor
RAM                                  :   1GB
Internal Memory                  :   16GB
Display                                :   4.5 inches capacitive touch screen
Rear Camera                       :   8.7 MP
Front camera                       :   1.2 MP
Stand By time                      :   440 hours
It supports                           :   3G,4G,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

                                          Latest Windows 8 OS
                                           HD Resolution
                                           AMOLED screen.


                                     Dual Core processor
                                     1 GB RAM

Sony Xperia ZR

Sony Xperia ZR,Sony Xperia,best android mobiles,top android smartphones

        Price                                  :   25,277
               OS                                     :   Android  v4.1 Jelly Bean
                Processor                           :   1.5GHz Quad Core Processor
               RAM                                  :   2GB RAM
               Internal Memory                  :   8GB
               Display                                :   4.6 inches Display
               Rear Camera                       :   13 MP
               Front camera                       :   2MP
               Stand By time                      :    470 hours(2G),520 hours(3G)
               It supports                           :   3G,GPS,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

It has water resistant,Shock and Dust Resistant

No Full HD Resolution
Non Removable battery
No 4G

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