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How to Protect your Facebook Account from phishing and Keylogger approach

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Hi friends,In this post I am going to tell you how  to protect your facebook account from phishing and also how a hacker is going to hack the facebook account using Phishing.Are you getting doubt that what is phishing Don’t worry A TO ZTRICKS is here to explain in detailed about phishing and how hackers are going to  hack your facebook account

What is Phishing?

 Phishing is the best technique according to hacker because this is the simple approach to  steal the username and password of  a victim’s Facebook account  using fake facebook login page.


Don’t Confused?

          Hacker is going to create the fake html page of Facebook which looks same as Facebook login page. It’s very simple. Just right click on Facebook login page and select  “View Page Source”  then a new page is going to appear with some code.Just Copy all the code by using ctrl+A and Select copy or CTRL+C and paste it in new HTML page with filename.htm extension  not .html  extension This is the only  difference that hacker do’s that’s it.

How hacker is going to hack facebook passwords

 First of all they created a ads like
            Earn money by just sharing links and  How to hack facebook and so on…
            Free recharge of 100/- by sharing..
           Internet scam happened.

Afterwords it forwarded to  phishing  facebook login page which is same as Facebook login page.
Are you thinking how to identify the phishing  page and actual facebook page? Yes it’s a Excellent doubt if you are also thinking in the same way.I will explain in detailed with some steps.

What is the Difference between Phishing page and Normal Facebook Page?

Just  Check the URLS of   below screenshots you will clearly get an idea without reading anything.

Facebook login page Without Phishing Technique

Here the URL is i.e., original Domain   here  no one can create a website with already existing. So better to login if there exists a domain name with ad domain.

not phishing page

Facebook login page with phishing technique.
Firstly they must and should have a website with other than domain as shown in the below screenshot URL.

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How hacking Process takes place?

  1.       First Hackers  Created a fake facebook login  page.
  2.    Afterwords   Whenever   you click on Ads they will forwarded to Facebook login page.
  3.       Then After logging to the facebook  the username and password will be stored on their Database as shown in below screenshot. 
  4.    That’s It hacker will change password and change all settings and there is a chance of misusing.

passwords saved

Another Approach to hack:Keylogger Approach

Hackers used to create a File with keylogger inside a image or any software which can be downloadable .If someone viewed image or installed the software then you are caught.Hacker will get all the passwords and usernames whatever the websites that  are  logged in.

Guidelines to protect
        For this approach  Antivirus should be effective. if antivirus is Working or genuine then that software or image will be considered as Virus and it automatically deletes it .this is the Advantage of using Good and genuine Antivirus.

My Advise
            Better to buy Avast Antivirus Genuine.

How to save yourself from Phishing and Keylogger Approach before being hacked.

protect from facebook                  I am Advising you to please Check the URL from address bar  before going to login to facebook or any other websites to avoid Phishing.

Better to install Effective antivirus  without being caught of your facebook account.

share this until no one will be hacked from phishing