Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trace your Lost or Stolen Laptops and Smartphones- How to

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               Now a day’s laptops are very useful to students to learn new things and also for officers to do their work or job through laptops. So many professionals are going to store their entire project details and its information on their personal laptops. Even so many people like marketing agencies may have a chance of losing their jobs once you lost your laptop. What happens if your personal laptop is lost or stolen? Doesn’t worry  for every problem in the world has a solution. Are you worrying about losing your laptop then what you have to do is just install the tracking software on your laptop then it will trace its location if your laptop is lost or missing.

Note: You must and should install the prey software before your laptop has been stolen by someone or lost so it is very easy to trace your lost or stolen laptop.

you may give complaint to police to track your missing laptop or tablet or mobile phone.
But for doing this you must and should install this Prey Software. You can download the Prey software from here by clicking image or the link given below.

 Download here

                                                                      Download Link

It Supports for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS.

Steps to trace a missing laptops

1.After downloading Just select New User and Click on Next.

2. Afterword’s enter your contact details like name, email address, password and computer name and click on create.

Then it shows a message as shown in below
“Account created! Remember to verify your account by opening your inbox and click on the link we sent to your email address”

4. After clicking the link it will show you the Dialog box as shown below
“Configuration updated!  Your device is now setup  and being tracked by Prey .Happy hunting.
Once your account is activated it will start tracing your devices when you changed setting as MISSING in the control panel.

You may login to their account and open control Panel and manage all settings

Click on Save to save all settings. If you want to trace your laptop then just change from OK to Missing Option in Prey Control Panel. After few minutes It will show  you the location.

Whenever your missing laptop is connected to the internet it will also show their Photo and also Desktop screen. Desktop Screen is also used to keep track of email accounts or facebook id details or any other details  of the person.
Just check out these Snapshots to know More detailed.
It will trace out the location and his image along with first connected webpage whenever he connects to internet.Through we can find out the Email address or username .

  share this to your friends until to take precaution before going to lose a laptop
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Increase laptop battery Life

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Now a days battery life is very important for those who are working outside frequently.For Example if you are going to some place if you need more  battery time for doing some work then what to do ? So you must and should follow these guidelines to extend your battery life.
Increase battery life of a laptop


#1.Reduce your Screen Brightness

      According to my point of view the biggest power drop is due to screen brightness. So reduce the Brightness to lower level that you are comfortable to do work. No need to sacrifice your eye for the sake of just half an hour extra battery. But my suggestion is to reduce screen brightness as much as you are willing to do work.
Reduce the Screen brightness

#2.Try to decrease the volume while listening music

      Reduce your sound  volume  instead of keeping maximum Sound. Even when you are using Head phones try to reduce it also helps you in hearing also.
Reduce sound volume.listening music

#3.Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 

            Modern devices are searching automatically for  Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth Devices. Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also helps you in extending battery life if you are not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off Wi-Fi

#4.Don't use USBs and DVDs when there is no use

  You must and should make the ports empty when not in use. If you are not  using wireless mouse or keyboard then remove  adapters to the ports it also extends battery life.
  DVD’s should also be removed when not in use.
Remove USB's

#5.Make use of a single window

           Close  all the unwanted programs which you are not goinig to use .Habituate to maintain a single window when you are doing a single work. It also extends your battery life.

#6.Don't use applications which take much RAM

     If you want to store simple information like phone number of some one or any information which will he useful for you  then use Notepad Rather than Microsoft Word because Microsoft Word takes much RAM.

#7.Keep away from extrem tempature places

     Make use of your laptops to use only in room tempatures  instead of Extreme temperature places.
maintain room temparatures

#8. Make use of Hibernate 

 If you are not planning to work for a time use hibernate instead of standby standby continuously wastes your battery time.

use of Hibernate

#9.ADon't use laptops on blankets

        Don’t place your laptops on pillows or blankets or any other soft surface because it produces more heat.better to  place your laptops on Desks.
laptops on Bklanket

Whenever battery is full unplug the charger

  You must and should unplug the charger whenever the battery is full and used it upto 80% and then start plugging the charger.


 If you use your laptop for too long it could overheat and slowly damages the components and it also makes less  life time.    

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 10 Ways to access Blocked Sites on offices,Schools,College,Companies and other Public Places

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Are you getting Free Wi-Fi ? Then have you ever faced problem like “site is blocked”?
Actually in schools,colleges,Offices and companies  they provide free Wi-Fi but some of the sites are not accessed  or  it shows that “site is blocked”.

Then How to access the blocked Sites? Here I listed Top 10 Ways to access the Blocked sites.

#1.Using IP address

To get the IP address of a specific website just open command prompt and

Type command : ping

Just replace the domain name with your blocked sitename like
For Example :
         type ping in the command prompt it shows the IP address as shown below.
IP address:
Here type Ip address in the address bar it open automatically the facebook page.

Access blockes sites using Command Prompt

#2.Redirected Blocked Websites with URL shortners 

       Every one knows that URL shortners are used to make the long URL to short URL.Here URL shortner site allows you to bypass te security settings.
Here I listed some URL shortner and Tiny URL,mooURL

#3.Using Decimal Code    

      Here in the First trick I told that If website URL is blocked then you can access using the IP address but if Ip address is also blocked means then you may use Decimal code.Decimal codes are nothing but conversion of IP address. You can also access blocked sites through the Decimal  number also. But to get Decimal number you must and should know the  IP can convert the IP address to Decimal using this tool.

#4.Using Hola Extension

   Hola is a browser extension which allows you to browse internet anonymously.Hola browser extension is available for all the browsers. You may download the Hola extension from here.

#5.Using Google translate Service

         At present Google and bing providing a translation service converting webpage from one language to another language.To access this blocked site from the server just type the URl of blocked site which you want  to access and convert into any other languages.Using this translation service you can convert webpage into another language and access its content.

#6.Using WayBack Machine

    Wayback machine is an online service which is going to keep track of the copy of the websites from when it is started.Using this Website just enter URL and click on Date that’s it you can access that blocked website.If you are not getting clear idea.

#7.Reading the webpage via  Email the Web

   Email the web is a free service which sends directly to your mailbox.To get the webpage via Email then you need to register to the Email the Web site and enter the Website URl and enter email-address and you are completed.

#8.Using TOR Browser

       TOR browser is a browser which is going to browse anonymously .You may also use TOR browser to access the blocked site but you can’t access the facebook,twitter etc.. because  these sites need to store cookies in your browser So you can’t access the sites which  stores the can download the TOR browser from here 

#9. Using VPN Service

           Using VPN is the best way to access blocked sites.It allows you to browse internet  anonymously ,just download and and install on your PC. There exists both paid and free version.  

                                          Download Free version from here

#10. Using Cached Pages

     Every website will have a cache on Google.To access that website through cache is very simple Just click on the and enter your blocked  URL.It will display your Blocked Website from Cache.

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How to get the Start Button in Windows 8

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          Are you a Windows 8 User? If yes then This Trick is absolutely  for you. Are you facing the problem of not having the start button in windows 8.Then You have reached the correct place. AtoZ Tricks  is here to solve your problem. We will make you to get the Start menu in windows 8 within Few Simple Steps. Windows 8 start button is completely Cloud Based, Mostly all the apps are shown in metro Graphical User interface method. Are you hating this approach then just follow my simple steps to get your old windows 7 start button

#How to get Start Button in Windows 8

1. Download the Start8 Software from here

2. After installation it will show you a Pop Up window as shown Below
Start button in Windows 8

 3.By Default It  will selects the Windows 8 flag as shown below.
Start Button in Windows 8

4.Do you want to change the the Style of Windows 8 Button then there is separate option Called Pick an  Image button  at the above screen shot .After click on Pick an Image it  will shown as  below screenshot Then you can change your Start button
Changing of Different Icons For start Button

5.Afterwords Start button will be appeared as shown in below screenshot.

This is simple way to get the start button and you customize your selected button as start button.
6.So many People are bothering that if I install the start Button then There is no chance of using apps through metro graphical user interface start screen.Don’t Worry This software includes a Option  called Windows 8 menu in the start button itself.For more details see below screen shot.

Windows 8 start button

7.If you Click on Windows 8 Menu It will show  the Windows 8 Start button with the tiles.

Sahre this until no one of your friends should miss this start button
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Top 10 Tips to Improve your PC Performance and make your Computer Faster

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Are you really facing problems on slow processing on your system? Do you want ot make your computer faster then follow these guidelines to speed up your PC for better performance

#1.Increase the RAM

It’s Better to increase the RAM size because entire processing of a system is based on RAM. For an ordinary computer 1GB of RAM is enough. If you increase the RAM the speed is also increased.
increase the RAM

#2.Remove All Uncessary Softwares

      Just remove/Uninstall all unwanted software’s on your computer which are not used by you because whenever you install OS by default there exists a list of list of softwares installed on it.

#3.Use one Browser instead of All

If you are using more than one browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and so many  it’s better to use one  or two . Remove all unwanted or unsed ones.

All Browsers,googl Chrome,Mozilla FireFox

#4.Use One chatting Messenger instead of All

 if you are using more than one chatting software’s like G-talk, yahoo messenger and so many its better to use one all in chatting messenger like Instant Messenger. 

#5.Reduce the Number of icons of your computer

Every shortcut icon on Desktop  consume 20Kb of RAM.If there exists more number of icons on Desktop is going to effect on your system processing.Keep Less icons on Desktop for easy navigation.

less Desktop Icons

#6.Usage Of Proper Cooling System

       Usage of Cooling fans will be best for avoiding the problem of must and should provide good ventilation for PC’s and also maintain room cool to perform better.
Cooling FAsns

#7.Remove Internet Cache

Though there exists more number of Softwares but according to my point of View CCcleaner and

also Advanced System Care  are the best.

#8.Remove Unnecessary Start-up Applications

Is your System is taking more booting time for start up then start applying this tweak.Lesser the start up program then greater will be the system speed and its performance.
a).Press  “Windows + R”(Run Command shortcut)
For Windows 7
b)Run box will be opened.type “msconfig ” without quotes in the run box and hit will take you to the system configuration.Then  select on start up tab.
For Windows 8
By default start  up tab is available in task manager.
Afterwords Select the unwanted programs which are not to load the start-up and click on Disable.just restart your computer it will show a better improvement  compared to previous booting/start up time. 

start Up Applications

#9.Remove Temporary Files

Windows will store some temporary files whenever you are performed some task.Deleting those files will improve your System Performance during normal usage.
      Follow some steps to remove temporary files.
1.Type Windows+R
2.Type “%temp%” without quotes and it will take you to temporary files and folders location.
Just select all files and delete all the temporary files which are deletable and left it which are not deletable.
Remove Temporary Files to increase Sytsem Performance

#10.Better to Use a Genuine paid Anti-Virus

     Now a days No file is safe on Internet,So many people are creating virus to exploit thw windows OS.So better to use a good and Genuine Antivirus.

Share this until everyone of your friends must make their PC faster
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top 10 Best Sites to send Free SMS to Cell Phones all over the World

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 Sending messages in our day-to-day is becoming viral. So many People are addicted to chatting especially youth . why to use the message balance  if you are already have to net connection .If you want to send message to abroad it costs you so much and also very expensive. So,Here I listed Some best and Free websites to send free SMS all over the World.

#1. 160By2

It is one of the Most popular website to send free SMS to any mobile/Networks in India.This site can send SMS within India only.

This website is highly popular because it offers an excellent Fast delievery and also better & good user  understandable  interface such that anyone can understand very is having some limitations like It allows only 160 characters limit for standard SMS and 140 characters limit of 140 characters.


   This is also one of the best website to send Unlimited SMS all over the world. It is free of cost.
It offers around 200 countries to send international SMS. This website also have an extra feature i.e,, Sending Picture Messages and it is also free of cost. This website offers you to send SMS with a 300 characters limit.


     Way2Sms is one of the best website to send Free Messages within India. It is highly Popular because it takes less than 10 seconds to deliver your messages. It has some excellent features like Contact management, Every contact will be stored and it also offers you to send by group. offers may get free E-mail alerts once you subscribed to Way2sms.It also Provide chatting With G-Talk and yahoo friends using Way2Sms.

#4. SMScity

        It is also one of the Popular site to send Free International SMS all over the world. But It allows only 22 countries. It offers you to send Picture messages. It also  offers you to send SMS Via MSN Messenger.


   This is highly best Website compared to all other websites. It provides many features compared to other Websites.It is Quite Different Option compared to others.
  • It has a limitation to send only 440 characters.
  • It also offers you to send SMS in other than English like Telugu,Hind,etc
  • It also offers you to schedule messages. If you want to send SMS day after tomorrow then here you can schedule here. I think it’s the best feature because if you forget to wish him on Birthday when you have some urgent work then Your friend may disappoint on you for not wishing. So it’s better to schedule the messages.
  • Allows you to create Phone Book like contact management as same in Way2Sms.
  • You can also Send your SMS by group also.

#6. TextMeFree

    It is a execellent website to send Free Website to send Free international SMS all over the World
  • It doesn’t ask you for registration
  • Free SMS all over the World
  • NO charcter limit restrion
  • No picture messages only Text messages


Indyarocks is very Popular within Short time. Because it offers you to schedule messages .Once you type the Message and Set the desired date then your message will be sent on specific  time.This make Indyrocks highly Popular.

#8. Atro chatro

   It also Provides you to send SMS within India with free of cost.It provides also you some messages for special events like Independence day and so many as in Way2Sms and 160by2 .It has an additional feature compared to other is it has online music songs and  you can live stream your selected audio songs while sending SMS.


   This is also Popular website all over the World.It provides very better Features compared  to others.
  • It has a highest charcter limit of 700 characters.
  • It also supports to send Picture Messages.
  • It has also has an extra feature i.e., to share from your computer.
  • It provides the Unlimited messages.


  It is one of the highly best websites which is used by Educational Instuitutions and many others only in India.
  • It has also Better features
  • No advertisement
  • No charcter limit
  • Unlimited SMS
Share this until everyone should free SMS instead of wasting their balance

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