Monday, November 25, 2013

How to get the Start Button in Windows 8

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          Are you a Windows 8 User? If yes then This Trick is absolutely  for you. Are you facing the problem of not having the start button in windows 8.Then You have reached the correct place. AtoZ Tricks  is here to solve your problem. We will make you to get the Start menu in windows 8 within Few Simple Steps. Windows 8 start button is completely Cloud Based, Mostly all the apps are shown in metro Graphical User interface method. Are you hating this approach then just follow my simple steps to get your old windows 7 start button

#How to get Start Button in Windows 8

1. Download the Start8 Software from here

2. After installation it will show you a Pop Up window as shown Below
Start button in Windows 8

 3.By Default It  will selects the Windows 8 flag as shown below.
Start Button in Windows 8

4.Do you want to change the the Style of Windows 8 Button then there is separate option Called Pick an  Image button  at the above screen shot .After click on Pick an Image it  will shown as  below screenshot Then you can change your Start button
Changing of Different Icons For start Button

5.Afterwords Start button will be appeared as shown in below screenshot.

This is simple way to get the start button and you customize your selected button as start button.
6.So many People are bothering that if I install the start Button then There is no chance of using apps through metro graphical user interface start screen.Don’t Worry This software includes a Option  called Windows 8 menu in the start button itself.For more details see below screen shot.

Windows 8 start button

7.If you Click on Windows 8 Menu It will show  the Windows 8 Start button with the tiles.

Sahre this until no one of your friends should miss this start button


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