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How to Increase laptop battery Life

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Now a days battery life is very important for those who are working outside frequently.For Example if you are going to some place if you need more  battery time for doing some work then what to do ? So you must and should follow these guidelines to extend your battery life.
Increase battery life of a laptop


#1.Reduce your Screen Brightness

      According to my point of view the biggest power drop is due to screen brightness. So reduce the Brightness to lower level that you are comfortable to do work. No need to sacrifice your eye for the sake of just half an hour extra battery. But my suggestion is to reduce screen brightness as much as you are willing to do work.
Reduce the Screen brightness

#2.Try to decrease the volume while listening music

      Reduce your sound  volume  instead of keeping maximum Sound. Even when you are using Head phones try to reduce it also helps you in hearing also.
Reduce sound volume.listening music

#3.Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 

            Modern devices are searching automatically for  Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth Devices. Turning off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also helps you in extending battery life if you are not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off Wi-Fi

#4.Don't use USBs and DVDs when there is no use

  You must and should make the ports empty when not in use. If you are not  using wireless mouse or keyboard then remove  adapters to the ports it also extends battery life.
  DVD’s should also be removed when not in use.
Remove USB's

#5.Make use of a single window

           Close  all the unwanted programs which you are not goinig to use .Habituate to maintain a single window when you are doing a single work. It also extends your battery life.

#6.Don't use applications which take much RAM

     If you want to store simple information like phone number of some one or any information which will he useful for you  then use Notepad Rather than Microsoft Word because Microsoft Word takes much RAM.

#7.Keep away from extrem tempature places

     Make use of your laptops to use only in room tempatures  instead of Extreme temperature places.
maintain room temparatures

#8. Make use of Hibernate 

 If you are not planning to work for a time use hibernate instead of standby standby continuously wastes your battery time.

use of Hibernate

#9.ADon't use laptops on blankets

        Don’t place your laptops on pillows or blankets or any other soft surface because it produces more heat.better to  place your laptops on Desks.
laptops on Bklanket

Whenever battery is full unplug the charger

  You must and should unplug the charger whenever the battery is full and used it upto 80% and then start plugging the charger.


 If you use your laptop for too long it could overheat and slowly damages the components and it also makes less  life time.    

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