Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 10 Tips to Improve your PC Performance and make your Computer Faster

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Are you really facing problems on slow processing on your system? Do you want ot make your computer faster then follow these guidelines to speed up your PC for better performance

#1.Increase the RAM

It’s Better to increase the RAM size because entire processing of a system is based on RAM. For an ordinary computer 1GB of RAM is enough. If you increase the RAM the speed is also increased.
increase the RAM

#2.Remove All Uncessary Softwares

      Just remove/Uninstall all unwanted software’s on your computer which are not used by you because whenever you install OS by default there exists a list of list of softwares installed on it.

#3.Use one Browser instead of All

If you are using more than one browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and so many  it’s better to use one  or two . Remove all unwanted or unsed ones.

All Browsers,googl Chrome,Mozilla FireFox

#4.Use One chatting Messenger instead of All

 if you are using more than one chatting software’s like G-talk, yahoo messenger and so many its better to use one all in chatting messenger like Instant Messenger. 

#5.Reduce the Number of icons of your computer

Every shortcut icon on Desktop  consume 20Kb of RAM.If there exists more number of icons on Desktop is going to effect on your system processing.Keep Less icons on Desktop for easy navigation.

less Desktop Icons

#6.Usage Of Proper Cooling System

       Usage of Cooling fans will be best for avoiding the problem of must and should provide good ventilation for PC’s and also maintain room cool to perform better.
Cooling FAsns

#7.Remove Internet Cache

Though there exists more number of Softwares but according to my point of View CCcleaner and

also Advanced System Care  are the best.

#8.Remove Unnecessary Start-up Applications

Is your System is taking more booting time for start up then start applying this tweak.Lesser the start up program then greater will be the system speed and its performance.
a).Press  “Windows + R”(Run Command shortcut)
For Windows 7
b)Run box will be opened.type “msconfig ” without quotes in the run box and hit will take you to the system configuration.Then  select on start up tab.
For Windows 8
By default start  up tab is available in task manager.
Afterwords Select the unwanted programs which are not to load the start-up and click on Disable.just restart your computer it will show a better improvement  compared to previous booting/start up time. 

start Up Applications

#9.Remove Temporary Files

Windows will store some temporary files whenever you are performed some task.Deleting those files will improve your System Performance during normal usage.
      Follow some steps to remove temporary files.
1.Type Windows+R
2.Type “%temp%” without quotes and it will take you to temporary files and folders location.
Just select all files and delete all the temporary files which are deletable and left it which are not deletable.
Remove Temporary Files to increase Sytsem Performance

#10.Better to Use a Genuine paid Anti-Virus

     Now a days No file is safe on Internet,So many people are creating virus to exploit thw windows OS.So better to use a good and Genuine Antivirus.

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