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List of Android Versions from Cupcake to Kitkat,Lollipop and its history

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                         What is Android?   

                                      Android is an operating system based on the linux kernel, and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as  smartphones and tablets.

Android has a large number of applications available for download in Google play store. Around 1 million apps are published and over 50 billion downloads.

According to survey conducted in April-May 2013 found that Android is the most popular platform for developers .It is used by almost 71% of the mobile developer’s population.

Google Proudly announced that 1 billion activated devices now use the Android OS worldwide.


Android was founded by  Andy Rubin(co-founder of Danger),

    Rich Minner(co-founder of wild-fire communications)and 
    Chris White(headed design and interface development  at WebTV).


  • Initially Android was developed for Televisions, game consoles and Digital Cameras and also in electronics.
  • Later Android apps were shifted to Mobiles.
  • After 2 years Google Bought the Android in 2005.
  • Again after 2 years i.e., in 2007 Google officially announced the development of Android OS.
  • Android is an Open Source and releases the code under the Apache License.
  • The features are going to be added from one Version to another Version.

 List of Android versions from Android Alpha to lollipop

Android  1.0                   A lpha
Android 1.1                         B eta
Actually API(Application level programming interface) starts from Android 1.5 i.e., from cupcake to lollipop.
Android 1.5                         C upCake
Android 1.6                         D onut
Android 2.0/2.1                 E clair
Android 2.2                        F royo
Android 2.3                        G inger Bread
Android 3.0/3.1/3.2        H oneycomb
Android 4.0    `                   I ce Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1                         J elly Bean
Android 4.4                        K it Kat
Android 5.0                        L ollipop              (Not released just announced which is not confirmed)

Any Guesses for the Next version and their name?

Here all the names assigned based on alphabets i.e., ABCEDEFGHIJK and Waiting for the next version release of Android OS starting with letter L.

My Guess is Android 5.0 and Lollipop or Ladoo.
Let us see what comes next after L?

Share this until everyone knows in detail about the Android OS and its history along with versions.


  1. L - lollipop, lemonhead, lemon meringue,licorice etc.,,, so many names and I think M name will be Milk Shake

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    Marzipan is a delectable almond & sugar candy that is very popular. all over the world

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