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How much time you spend and waste on Facebook Genuine

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            Hello Friends, After a couple of months A to Z Tricks come back  with new Facebook Trick i.e., to find the spent  or wasted time  on Facebook.

            Firstly don’t believe the third party apps and software’s to find the actual time that was spend on Facebook. Because the apps and software’s are created by mostly students to steal usernames and passwords. Those apps and software’s are just to hack your Facebook accounts. If you want to secure your Facebook account by phishing check out the article here

                              How to protect your Facebook account using Phishing

 Finding the time spent on Facebook is completely against the terms and conditions of Facebook. So the time spent or time wasted on Facebook by single user will not be revealed.

How to check the time wasted on Facebook in days, hours and minutes.      

               This service is provided by one of the popular blog.the techland branch of has created a widget  that allows how much time you spent on facebook (Either Reading or wasted) from profile creation time to present time. A to Z Tricks is here to explain how much time you spent  on Facebook in minutes, hours and seconds.

Procedure for checking the time spent on Facebook in 3 steps.

step 1: visit the link here

Just visit’s  post and it will shown as below  below screen shot.Afterword’s just click on Next.

Time spend on Facebook techland Time

step 2: Write average spent time on daily or week basis

                              After words it will ask you the average time you spent on Facebook without changing the Web page as shown in below screen shot.

Time spent on average techland Time

step 3: Click start

                         Click on start to check the time you spend on facebook on an average

Social Media statistics

How  it Works?    

                            It's not clear just how accurate the estimates are, but TIME explains a little explaination:
They are saying that this app is calculating the total time spent on Facebook based on the things that were posted on timeline. This is not accurate with each and every second but it was an approximate time that was wasted on Facebook. This will shown not only seconds but also shows in days. 

Comment how much time you spent on Facebook 

Check out how much time you spent on Facebook   and comment how much time you spent on Facebook. Let us see who is going to rule the Facebook.

Please share on this until everyone know their time spend on  Facebook.


  1. Oh its very low compared to so many people sanjay.There are so many accounts in facebook who has crossed more than 4 months also