Monday, February 17, 2014

Best 10 Hidden Features of Windows 8

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Now days so many people think that Windows 7 is better than Windows 8.But I shortlisted why Windows 8 is better compared to Windows 7.Windows 8 is the latest version that was released from Microsoft. It adds more features and I listed some of the Features that are existed in Windows 8.

  Hidden start menu

        So many people are shocking that where is start button in Windows 8.But there exists an Hidden Start button .It provides many Options like Device manager, Disk Management etc..,.
Actually it’s not a start button it’s a shortcut using Win+X.

  Easy Screenshot

In windows Image capturing is done very easily by simple Pressing Win+Prtscr it automatically saves as PNG files.

   Fast booting Time

               In windows 7 the minimum boot time is 1 minute. But whereas for Windows 8 the boot time is less than 20 seconds. This is called as hybrid boot.
This is the excellent feature that was developed by Microsoft. Even whenever you shutdown It takes less than 10 seconds and in the same way for start-up it takes less than 20 seconds.

  Improved Task Manager      

     The task manger of windows 7 was vanished and added much more information in Windows 8.It added the performance like CPU usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Bluetooth Usage, Ethernet Usage and Wi-Fi Usage.

  Synchronize your settings 

                     If you are using the Microsoft Live account you can directly synchronize the personalisation settings and other Windows settings with your online account. These settings can also be synchronised by Multiple PC’s.

  Excellent File Transfer               

          Windows 8 takes very less time for transferring files compared to Windows 7.In windows 8 the transfer rate is around 20MB/sec.
This is also one of the best features of Windows 8.               

  Inbuilt PDF Reader              

          Windows 8 provides Default PDF Reader which helps not to install any other third party softwares like Adobe Reader etc..

  An Excellent Option of Reset and Refresh

    This is one of the feature that was existed in Windows 8 which is not existed in Windows 7.Reset and Refresh are two options that are existed in Windows 8.
              If your PC is not  working Properly then you use this option .
   Reset is nothing but removing all the apps from the PC and again reinstall Windows without the OS CD.

  Inbuilt Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

         Why to use third part Antivirus? It’s better to use the Microsoft Security Essentials if you are using Genuine Windows 8.It has some better advantage if any other third software like Avast or Avira is installed automatically Microsoft Security Essentials will be automatically turned off .It is the best advantage.
Disadvantage of using more than one anti-virus.
    One software file (Avast software file) detects another software file(Avira software file) as Virus and both will crash and finally No anti-virus works for your PC.

  Mounting ISO files without using any third party software

       In windows 8 there is a special can view /mount ISO files directly without using any other external software. Whenever you just double click on ISO files it automatically creates a Virtual Drive.

         Drawbacks of Windows 8

1.  No start button. You can check out the post how I get thestart button in Windows 8
2.  Bluescreenof Death.Check out the Post to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8.
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