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Upcoming Android Version Code names after Kitkat

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What’s next after Kitkat? Do you wanted to know the guessed android version code names after Kitkat? Then check out here for complete information.

Here I listed all the android version code names.If you want to know in detailed about the android version names upto kitkat check out below Post

         List of Android Versions from A to K i.e., From Alpha,Beta Cupcake to Kitkat  

Here I listed  the guessed android upcoming android version code  names starting with letter L.

  L - Ladoo or lollipop


There exist different names for the android version code starting with letter L namely
Lemon Meringue Pie,
But there exists a chance of having either Lollipop or Lemon Meringue Pie.
I'm thinking that they changed the "K" to Kit Kat  instead of Key Lime Pie because they're going to use Lemon Meringue Pie for letter L. And they think it can't have pie after having pie.

  M - marzipan

It is a rich sweet  which is especially done for cakes which is made of almonds and sugar.

 N - Nouguat

Nouguat is a family of confectionaries made with the sugar/honey,roasted nuts,whipped egg whites and choped candied fruit. 

 O -  Orange Marmalde

     After several one word names google wants to make two word name like Ice cream sandwich.Orange Marmalde will be the right for it

 P -  Puff Pastry

puff pastry is a variety and tasty one which is done in bakery.

 Q - Quinoa Pudding  

     Quinoa is considered to be a health food

R - Red Velvet Cake  

Red Velvet  is a cake with a dark red or red-brown colour.It is prepared as a layer cake top with cream cheese or cooked roux icing.

S - Sugar cube  

     There are many choices for S.But Sugar cube is the best.

T - Toffee

                 Toffee is a collection made by caramelizing sugar or molasses(creating inverted molasses) along with the butter

U - Upside down cake

It is a cake which is placed in a single pan

V - Vanilla Frosting

W - Whipped cream

whipped cream is a cream that is done by mixer or fork and make it light weight.It is flavoured with Vanilla and also called Chantilly.

X - ? 

  Actually Google want to skip it but can’t decide until google will name it.
But guessed names
Xanthan Gum

Y -  Yellow Cakes

Yellow cakes are obtained through milling and chemical processing of uranium ore.

Z - Zwieback

 It is a type of sweetened bread made with eggs.
  I personally want to check out how many are going to be correct.
  Share this until every one knows this.


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