Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Find out Who Views your Facebook Profile maximum times

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          Facebook is one of the Professional and excellent social Networking site where you can interact with friends and Professionals.

      Have you ever think of knowing the Person who viewed your profile. Have you ever wondered to know who views your profile many times whether it may be the person who likes you most or any other person who shows much interest on you?

Steps to find out who viewed your fb profile maximum times    


1.Should have a Web browser    

                You may choose any browser i.e., Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any other which should supports to provide a source code of a website.  


2.Open your Facebook account and navigate to your Profile

             You need to open the and login to your account and you must navigate to your Facebook profile/Timeline like           

3.View the source code

                          In Google Chrome ,just right click on the Webpage and select view page source.
For other browsers View page source code will be present under View tab.After words it will show a code in next Webpage.

4.Use the search Box:CTRL + F

          Afterword’s you need to perform Search operation to the existing Webpage by shortcut Ctrl+F if you don’t find Search option.
            You have a command Control/command + F to open search box.
            You have to type "Friendslist" or "Initialchatfriendslist(to whom you chat most)" in the search box.

5.Look at the Individual profiles using user Id’s

             The numbers which are existed  are the  identification number of user profile.You will list out out different set of strings.Each string is quoted with number and followed by -2 and -3.copy the string without the -2 and -3 and “ “.paste the number after the . It  will show the profile of a person who views your profile most.

6.Look for a specific person

                  If you want to point a single person whether the person has viewed your profile or not. It’s difficult
Because you must have a user id .To know the User ID of a person.
Just check the URL of the person uploaded photo.You will see the list of strings among all one of the Number is the user ID and search the ID in the Source Code. It will show you the list of friends based on priority who viewed your profile.



                          Don’t believe any software’s to know the profile viewer. It is Scam to earn money for them(More the downloads the more the money).
                           Don’t believe the apps for Facebook profile viewers. These apps are created by mostly students to steal the username and passwords of Facebook accounts.
Thanks for reading and please share your experience through comments.


  1. What is the difference between Friendslist and Initchatfriendslist

  2. The InitChatFriendsList is exactly what the variable name says. It is the initial list of friends to show you in the chat window. It is usually the people that you've most recently chatted with.

    It has nothing to do with who has viewed your profile.

    And Friendslist shows the friends who viewed your Profile recently or maximum times

  3. Hi amarnath .It's really nice rick. Is there any way to find out the number of times user has visited our profile?

  4. Hi Amar, thanks for the advice; I am wondering why a 9 digit number appears 3 times in the "friendslist" search. Shouldn't it only appear once?

  5. Is there any way for you to prove that the app is not spam or could cause some virus? It's not that I don't believe you, it's just that I'm a little cautious when it comes to new apps on Facebook.

  6. And does the 100-friend list show your top followers in order?

  7. Hi Jiah:

    Some people reported this question. I think you should try to scroll down after you wait for few seconds.
    The web app gets the list from facebook graph api. The API might occur some problem when huge request. It will back to normal after few minutes or hours.

  8. its precedence whom the first Jon

  9. Sorry I too dont know if i know i will tellll....

    I think facebook hidden this option but linkedin shows

  10. If you type either InitChatFriendsList or Friendslist in the control+f search box, it really doesn't matter which one you type in because they're both the same thing. And actually, it's not who viewed your profile maximum times, it's who viewed your profile recently. I tested this with someone who messaged me, and then an hour or 2 later, they showed up as first on the list. But if someone who's not been messaging you much (say last time they messaged you was a month ago) suddenly goes from 30th one day to 2nd the very next day, then you know they've been on your profile recently.