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What is rooting and need of rooting and its advantages and disadvantages

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   Rooting is the key word which comes in every mouth who is having smart phones.if you want to know what is rooting and its need then you  reached the correct place.


I am Suggesting that  you  must and should see the this post before rooting Your Android Smartphone.

Are You a Android Smartphone User?

If yes,then you might have heard the word “Root” many times.

If No,then read this post to get some information regarding Rooting.

What is rooting     

To gain The access of Superuser in your Android device.
Super User is Nothing but a special type of user account in OS for system administration.

rooting,what is rooting,what to do after rooting

What is the need of rooting

what is the need of rooting,what to do after rooting

                 So many minds who are having smartphones with Android OS are wandering through the rooting and why rooting and what is the need of rooting.

To gain The power of admin so that we can install apps which will ask for root process.
Rooting Is used to overcome the limitations of Device manufactures

Advantages of rooting

advantages of rooting
  • Gain the power of superuser.
  • Customise the device according to the user wish.
  • Free up Device memory.
  • Directly install apps on SD cards.
  • Install Custom ROM.

Disadvantages of rooting

    disadvantages of rooting,drawbacks of rooting

    • Breaks Device Warranty.

                   Suggestion-After completion of warranty try to root it because if you root when you are having warranty,you may not give complaint to Device manufactures for existence of any error that was generated in your android phone.
    • Decreases Device Life.
    • Danger of Viruses exists after rooting.
    • Risk of Phone bricking.

    So these are the precautions You must and should take before rooting any Smartphone..

    Any New Ideas??

        Comment Here I am always welcome to know much more things whatever you know.

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    Friday, April 25, 2014

    Top 10 ways to make visitors stay on your site for longer time and also reducing bounce rate

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         Bounce rate is nothing but how long time the visitors are staying on your website. you must and should  use the SEO friendly template then the visitors will stay for long time and read  your posts one after the other without leaving even single post.

    If the bounce rate is low the chances of leaving website is low.In the same manner if the bounce is rate is high, then the chances of leaving your website is high.

     Here I have listed out some solutions to reduce the Bounce rate
    reduce bounce rate

    1.Browser Comaptabilty

                    Make your site to check the browser compatability, For Ex:If you are using the flash player in your blog/website  then the visitors web browser doesn’t have flash player then the visitor  leave the website with a lot of depression. When google shows your website next time then automatically visitors ignores it.
    Choose widgets or any other features which are supported for all browsers.

    2.Less loading time

         Don’t use the template which takes too much time for loading. Use the SEO friendly template. Now a days excellent technology is using  so they need it in very quick manner. The visitor will not having the patience to wait until your website is opened  so use less loading time.if you want to check the loading time of any website  then read the below post.

    3.Add About Us Page

            So many visitors are leaving the visitors because they don’t know what the website is about.So I am advising you to add the About us page.

    4.Quality Content

              Quality and content are the repeated words for every bloggers .I am advising you not to write lengthy posts. There is no restriction that your blog post must and should contain above 300 or 400 words .So maintain Quality first afterword’s check for Quantity.

    5.Add Search Box

               You must and should add a search box because you are  updating your site daily so if they want previous days posts it is very difficult for them. If you add a custom search box then they will find your post and attract to your webpage.

    6.Cut the advertisements as possible

          I am not telling that not to cut the entire advertisements. If you are adding ads make sure to make your template SEO friendly.

    7.Don't Give External links

            You should not link to  the external links (other websites) then there is a chance of leaving your website. So Provides links to your blog posts.

    8.Remove Pop up Windows

               Don’t show pop up boxes on your website like Facebook like Box because for slow internet connections it doesn’t   load completely and it doesn’t open your website too. So I  am advising you to remove the Pop Up windows to your blog/website.

    9.Design your website neatly with excellent interface

                  So many bloggers are not using the SEO friendly template, so i am advising you to use SEO friendly template. make your visitors to  attract your website by  the excellent design

    10.Ask Reviews of your friends  

                   Make your friends to visit your site and ask question as “did you find any chances to leave my website as quickly as possible”.
    So  your friends will suggest you in the correct manner.

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    WhatsApp plus APK latest version free download for Android and iPhone

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    Whatsapp is the one of the latest trending chat messenger which is going to rule the smart world.
    Actually around 450 million users are using WhatsApp every month. Almost around 90% of smartphone users especially teenagers are using WhatsApp messenger. Facebook bought the WhatsApp for $16 billion. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited free text messages and share voice note, videos and music and so on.Whatsapp sets a trend in the traditional chatting(conversation).

    Limitations of WhatsApp

    • It is available free for first year and charged $o.99 from the next year.The developer says that they are charging to free from advertisement
    • You can’t put status as offline unless  unless the Wi-Fi or Data Connection is turn off.
    • Limited file size
    If you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp but don’t want to miss the old whatApp features then WhatsApp is the best and alternative one.

    The present and advanced version of the WhatsApp is the WhatsApp plus which is the hottest topic in the apps market.

    WhatsApp plus being advanced version of WhatsApp has provided some better and attractive features compared to WhatsApp. Almost around 60 percent of smartphone users are using WhatsApp plus instead of WhatsApp.

    Features of WhatsApp Plus

    • It is the advanced version of WhatsApp and is of free of cost for lifetime
    • WhatsApp Plus allows you to send unlimited free text messages and also share videos,voice   note,music,pictures,emoticons,graphical smileys and also many more compared to WhatsApp.
    • The User interfaceis quite impressive compared to WhatsApp
    • Whatsapp allows to import contacts from your android phone instead of adding contact  to start chatting.
    • WhatsApp does not allow users to go for offline. Once your smartphone is connected to Internet then automatically it shows as online status in WhatsApp.But in WhatsApp plus allows to kept the status as offline even the presence of internet connection.
    • Whatsapp allows you to change the font style and size very easily.
    • It has added some more options like “Hide last seen and stay offline”.
    Whatever the features that are missing in WhatsApp are added in WhatsApp Plus.

                                                                       Download link

    Just download the app  and install the app.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Why students should start blogging

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    Blogging is one of the best platforms for those who want to earn money. Especially students show interest to express the skills via blogging by writing posts. In the present technology even a 10 year child knows about the internet marketing. Once you start blogging automatically you will know about the online marketing, affiliate marketing.
    Why students should start blogging, proud to be a bloggger


    Don't start a blog

    1.   If you are not having interest to write unique articles
    2.  Not having unique talent
    3.  If you don’t have a patience
    4. Irresponsible like not responding for comments.
    5.  Not having time to update atleast weekly twice

    Reasons for blogging being student

          Blogging requires a lot of time and unique talent to write unique articles.If student starts blogging then you will benefited as follows.

    Looking more Professional

                 Every blog has a domain name like If students are the CEO and founder of that website then that gives professional look in the Profile of the students especially at the time of interviews.
    Students can also create an hosted email address like or It looks like professional and impression in the present world.

    Earning while Learning

           Around almost 30% students in US are maintaining websites just for having commitment not to take pocket money from parents
    There are several ways of getting benefited.
    1. one side you are blogging as your hobby and also interests
    2. Another side it produces money through the advertisements.

    Even there is chance of getting more money than the college fee.

    For expressing skills

                            I am expecting blogging as a best place to express their talent.
    • There is no rule to create a website of only technology or computer tips.
    • If student interested on Programmming Then its better to blog on Programmming  It helps him to know more about the programming,
    • If another student interested on Fashion then it’s better to start based on fashion.
    • But never choose a blog title which is not interested Topic for you.
    • If the blog gets maximum visits from abroad and it increases the confidence of the students.

    Differentiate from others

                          There are very limited numbers of people who are contributing to blogging. Once if you are a blogger in the school or in college, then it will have a impression and unique position in the minds of faculties and also other students too..

    Scope for Business too

                           Once student decided his hobby as a business then it’s a child play for student to be a professional businessman. Because once student is focussed on Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, automatically the student is going to start a self-business.

    To develop Enterpreneurship skills

         All the blogger activities like checking the site stats, analysing the visitor status and responding of comments are all comes under entrepreneurship skills.

    Better Job Opportunities

                 If two students have a same percentage and same talent. If there is only one seat then The Interviewer will give preference to the person who has a website. It shows uniqueness and also extra talent.

    But be careful and must be capable to answer each and every question when interview asked questions about the hosting and many more.

    I am suggesting you not to place your website link on your resume if you don’t know anything. It loses a job also once you are not specialised.

    Excellent happiness

             Blogger is a person who is going to write unique articles and send to search engines.
    Once visitor writes an appreciation comment then the happiness can’t be explained through the mouth.

    Touch with Professional bloggers

          Once you start blogging then you may have a chance to meet the  professional blogger and  there is a chance to learn new things from them.

    Complete Knowledge

             Once you start writing articles then automatically you will  have a complete knowledge on that field.
    For example if you start writing aricles on windows 8 tips then you will have a complete knowledge on Windows 8.          

    Being Expert

            By learning new things then surely one day you will become an expert.Expert is nothing but having a complete knowledge.


            If you start blogging in schooling or college days it will benefited and also brings money. Because After college there is a job  and you may not focussed on blogging.
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    How hackers make yourself to give passwords of social networking sites

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    Did your Facebook account ever hack? If yes, you must and should read the entire post to know how your account was hacked. If you social accounts are not hacked then read this tutorial for not being hacked of your Facebook accounts in the future.
    How hacking process takes place

                                             Now days Social accounts are easily hacked by small kids. Even those small kids from US don’t know anything about the hacking. But they are hacking accounts by following some intelligent approach. Do you want to know more how even small kids especially US kids are hacking the Facebook accounts then you must and should have a technical knowledge and read the entire tutorial to know more.
    Millions of twitter and Facebook accounts are hacked daily. Dont think that the hackers are hard working for hacking Facebook or twitter accounts. It is very simple and easy approach to fool people and make themselves to give their passwords by themselves.

    These days so many people lost their minds that how the hackers are going to hack the facebook accounts. Hackers does not need to do serious stuff like remote desktop and hijacking or brute –force attacks.

    How the hackers are going  to fool people?
          Hackers just registered the domain which looks like same as the account they are going to hack.
    For example if they want to hack Facebook accounts, then hacker registers a domain name with the which looks same as difference is and Here instead of ‘o’  they just registered a domain with a ‘0’ in facebook
    In the same way “ is different from”. Notice two v’s look like w .
    If you look very patiently then you observe that two 0o’s are not actual o’s in
    Two v’s are used instead of W.

    1.       They will give you a link to take to the fake website which looks same as the exact website.
           Mostly they use some marketing techniques i.e., refeering links from and  to           drive traffic to their fake facebook account.
           After it asks you to enter Username or Email address and password.If you enter Username and                         password without checking the address bar twice then automatically your account has been hacked.
    2.       Almost so many fools are enter their e-mail accounts or usernames and passwords on the fake facebook        or twitter login page.But some of those who has read this article will not be hacked.
    3.       These are the some simple and silliest steps for hacking the facebook or twitter accounts.

    Precautions to be taken for not being your accounts hacked.
    1. Check the address bar twice
    2.  Further check the website is preceeded by https
    3.  Never enter the password if you found the website is not useful or unnecessary
    4.  Don’t confirm the site by seeing the same login page like facebook. 
    This Content Is For Education Purpose Only

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    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Expecations

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      Android is one of the latest trends in the present day technology. According to the survey almost 46.3% users in the world are almost using the Android Operating system. Google has done best job for making the Android as best operating system. Still now there exist different versions in Android. Every update will add some feature in the Android OS. The list of all android version names is in the alphabetical order from A to L.

    If you want to know the list of android versions names from A to L.

    If you want to know the guessed version names from M to Z.

                                       Features of Android 5.0 Lime Pie

    Fast Performance on ( Considering Low-end Phones)

           Now a days almost all the phones are giving an opportunity to have an Android OS in them. Even though if mobile phones are given opportunity to have an android in their phones but they fail to operate quickly and smoothly. So to expect faster performance on this Version is best feature.

    Bright User Interface

         Still now we are experiencing a Dark user interface. iPhone and Symbian are light colored User interface(UI).If light colored user interface comes to the Android it looks beautiful and also helps in increasing the Android market.

    Gaming Centre.

        Gaming center means a stage where  all the gamers meet and challenge others and acquires prizes.

    Google’s Own Music Store.

          Android users are forced to download a new app for buying a music.The entire process is time consuming process. Instead if google comes with new and its own music store it will be beautiful and also reduces burden on Android user.

    Maintaining according to the profiles.

           This feature may not come but it’s a chance in the next higher versions. Considering example if you and your family members are using Android smartphone. If different members wants to have a different home screens and different widgets. So there is a chance of getting this feature in the next upcoming Version not exactly at that time of Lime Pie.

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    Saturday, April 12, 2014

    Post-penguin SEO Tutorial for E-commerce Sites

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    Never has a penguin caused more trouble outside of a batman movie. If you are still a little worried about the penguin then here are a few tips to keep you out of harm’s way with regards to the Google penguin update. SEO-ing your eCommerce is pretty difficult because when it comes to SEO it has more disadvantages than advantages (the opposite of blogs).

    Why did they create the penguin?

    They wanted to get rid of keyword stuffers in websites, they wanted to punish people with purposeful duplicate content, they wanted to get rid of link schemes, they wanted to get rid of doorway pages and cloaked redirects as well as web spamming.

    Please note

    The tips below are based on a Google Penguin article that has been removed by Google. Some (if not all) of the tips are still in the Google webmaster central blog, and in the webmaster tools guidelines; however, they are no longer directly referenced by Google as countermeasures against Penguin, they are simply usable guidelines.

    This may be for two reasons. The first may be because the way the Google penguin update works has changed, or it could be that they do not want to host articles for every update they do indefinitely and remove them after each update’s dust has settled. Or there may be another reason why the articles on how to bounce back from the Google Penguin update are no longer on the Google website or blog.

    Do not hide text or links

    It is really tempting because sometimes you need text on the page so your search engine result text looks better, but adding the text messes up your design. It seems so much easier to hide the text but you are not allowed, nor are you allowed to add hidden links.

    No more cloaked redirects

    You know you have entered them into your website as they are not done for any legitimately white-hat reason. Remove them or start by not adding them. Anything that tries to manipulate the search engine is black-hat and so should be removed. It is also a good idea to ignore the latest fads for getting to the top of the Google search engine results because if it actually works then you can bet your false gums that Google are working on an update that will make it not work.

    Do not send any automated queries to Google

    You will start getting weird error messages if you do this anyway and you will probably start thinking you have been hacked. Just don’t do it and you will not get caught. Google are not too keen on anything automated. Automatically created outgoing links on your website or blog are going to cause you problems, so be wary of any tool that says automated when it comes to SEO.

    Be careful of irrelevant keywords.

    This is a tricky one, but point may be that you should not be adding keywords manually (even though you should sometimes). Try not to be too blatant with your keyword additions.

    For example, if you have added keywords about your waffle house into an article about pet grooming then Google may have a problem with this (if they recognize what you have done).

    Look up the rules about duplicate content

    Apparently Google does have a method where you may put your article onto another website, but you have to follow the Google method of doing things. There is also an issue with doing the printer friendly thing correctly. Do it incorrectly and it looks as if you are purposefully duplicating your content.

    Well duh!

    Do not create pages so you can host viruses, malware, etc, and do not create pages to add in phishing software/

    Do not build websites just for affiliate advertising

    Websites that were clearly created just to put affiliate advertising on there are obvious and punished. The content tends to be flimsy and most of focus seems to be on the adverts and not on the user experience.

    Do not participate in link schemes

    It is so easy for Google to track all the people who used them. It is just a case of tracking patterns and they have programs that do nothing but that. After the scheme has been going for a while they will have identified the people involved and will punish all the websites that took part. This means it will look like it is working at first until you and all the others in the scheme drop from the Google search engine results.

    Author’s bio:
    The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from She writes essays on different topics and can give you useful advice.

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