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What is rooting and need of rooting and its advantages and disadvantages

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   Rooting is the key word which comes in every mouth who is having smart phones.if you want to know what is rooting and its need then you  reached the correct place.


I am Suggesting that  you  must and should see the this post before rooting Your Android Smartphone.

Are You a Android Smartphone User?

If yes,then you might have heard the word “Root” many times.

If No,then read this post to get some information regarding Rooting.

What is rooting     

To gain The access of Superuser in your Android device.
Super User is Nothing but a special type of user account in OS for system administration.

rooting,what is rooting,what to do after rooting

What is the need of rooting

what is the need of rooting,what to do after rooting

                 So many minds who are having smartphones with Android OS are wandering through the rooting and why rooting and what is the need of rooting.

To gain The power of admin so that we can install apps which will ask for root process.
Rooting Is used to overcome the limitations of Device manufactures

Advantages of rooting

advantages of rooting
  • Gain the power of superuser.
  • Customise the device according to the user wish.
  • Free up Device memory.
  • Directly install apps on SD cards.
  • Install Custom ROM.

Disadvantages of rooting

    disadvantages of rooting,drawbacks of rooting

    • Breaks Device Warranty.

                   Suggestion-After completion of warranty try to root it because if you root when you are having warranty,you may not give complaint to Device manufactures for existence of any error that was generated in your android phone.
    • Decreases Device Life.
    • Danger of Viruses exists after rooting.
    • Risk of Phone bricking.

    So these are the precautions You must and should take before rooting any Smartphone..

    Any New Ideas??

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