Friday, April 25, 2014

WhatsApp plus APK latest version free download for Android and iPhone

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Whatsapp is the one of the latest trending chat messenger which is going to rule the smart world.
Actually around 450 million users are using WhatsApp every month. Almost around 90% of smartphone users especially teenagers are using WhatsApp messenger. Facebook bought the WhatsApp for $16 billion. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited free text messages and share voice note, videos and music and so on.Whatsapp sets a trend in the traditional chatting(conversation).

Limitations of WhatsApp

  • It is available free for first year and charged $o.99 from the next year.The developer says that they are charging to free from advertisement
  • You can’t put status as offline unless  unless the Wi-Fi or Data Connection is turn off.
  • Limited file size
If you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp but don’t want to miss the old whatApp features then WhatsApp is the best and alternative one.

The present and advanced version of the WhatsApp is the WhatsApp plus which is the hottest topic in the apps market.

WhatsApp plus being advanced version of WhatsApp has provided some better and attractive features compared to WhatsApp. Almost around 60 percent of smartphone users are using WhatsApp plus instead of WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

  • It is the advanced version of WhatsApp and is of free of cost for lifetime
  • WhatsApp Plus allows you to send unlimited free text messages and also share videos,voice   note,music,pictures,emoticons,graphical smileys and also many more compared to WhatsApp.
  • The User interfaceis quite impressive compared to WhatsApp
  • Whatsapp allows to import contacts from your android phone instead of adding contact  to start chatting.
  • WhatsApp does not allow users to go for offline. Once your smartphone is connected to Internet then automatically it shows as online status in WhatsApp.But in WhatsApp plus allows to kept the status as offline even the presence of internet connection.
  • Whatsapp allows you to change the font style and size very easily.
  • It has added some more options like “Hide last seen and stay offline”.
Whatever the features that are missing in WhatsApp are added in WhatsApp Plus.

                                                                   Download link

Just download the app  and install the app.
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