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Why students should start blogging

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Blogging is one of the best platforms for those who want to earn money. Especially students show interest to express the skills via blogging by writing posts. In the present technology even a 10 year child knows about the internet marketing. Once you start blogging automatically you will know about the online marketing, affiliate marketing.
Why students should start blogging, proud to be a bloggger


Don't start a blog

  1.   If you are not having interest to write unique articles
  2.  Not having unique talent
  3.  If you don’t have a patience
  4. Irresponsible like not responding for comments.
  5.  Not having time to update atleast weekly twice

Reasons for blogging being student

      Blogging requires a lot of time and unique talent to write unique articles.If student starts blogging then you will benefited as follows.

Looking more Professional

             Every blog has a domain name like If students are the CEO and founder of that website then that gives professional look in the Profile of the students especially at the time of interviews.
Students can also create an hosted email address like or It looks like professional and impression in the present world.

Earning while Learning

       Around almost 30% students in US are maintaining websites just for having commitment not to take pocket money from parents
There are several ways of getting benefited.
  1. one side you are blogging as your hobby and also interests
  2. Another side it produces money through the advertisements.

Even there is chance of getting more money than the college fee.

For expressing skills

                        I am expecting blogging as a best place to express their talent.
  • There is no rule to create a website of only technology or computer tips.
  • If student interested on Programmming Then its better to blog on Programmming  It helps him to know more about the programming,
  • If another student interested on Fashion then it’s better to start based on fashion.
  • But never choose a blog title which is not interested Topic for you.
  • If the blog gets maximum visits from abroad and it increases the confidence of the students.

Differentiate from others

                      There are very limited numbers of people who are contributing to blogging. Once if you are a blogger in the school or in college, then it will have a impression and unique position in the minds of faculties and also other students too..

Scope for Business too

                       Once student decided his hobby as a business then it’s a child play for student to be a professional businessman. Because once student is focussed on Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, automatically the student is going to start a self-business.

To develop Enterpreneurship skills

     All the blogger activities like checking the site stats, analysing the visitor status and responding of comments are all comes under entrepreneurship skills.

Better Job Opportunities

             If two students have a same percentage and same talent. If there is only one seat then The Interviewer will give preference to the person who has a website. It shows uniqueness and also extra talent.

But be careful and must be capable to answer each and every question when interview asked questions about the hosting and many more.

I am suggesting you not to place your website link on your resume if you don’t know anything. It loses a job also once you are not specialised.

Excellent happiness

         Blogger is a person who is going to write unique articles and send to search engines.
Once visitor writes an appreciation comment then the happiness can’t be explained through the mouth.

Touch with Professional bloggers

      Once you start blogging then you may have a chance to meet the  professional blogger and  there is a chance to learn new things from them.

Complete Knowledge

         Once you start writing articles then automatically you will  have a complete knowledge on that field.
For example if you start writing aricles on windows 8 tips then you will have a complete knowledge on Windows 8.          

Being Expert

        By learning new things then surely one day you will become an expert.Expert is nothing but having a complete knowledge.


        If you start blogging in schooling or college days it will benefited and also brings money. Because After college there is a job  and you may not focussed on blogging.


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  2. Wow! An insightful piece there! I quite agree mostly all of your points...I have passion for blogging and I've learnt a lot about it,yet I have not taken the bold step towards due to limited resources. But now I've tried to remind myself of using free blogging resources till I'm self-owned. Also,it requires more of writing skills too.