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Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to Lock Whatspp with password in Android,IPhone,Blackberry

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Whatsapp lock for Android,Iphone,blackberryHave you ever think about a problem regarding the Security in Whatsapp Messenger.Whatsapp messenger doesn’t provide the inbuilt security so android users are accustomed to adding the inbuilt Pins and other pattern locking apps to protect your whatsapp messages from Unknown Person.

    But we can’t provide security to our family members.If your family member know the Pattern lock then he can simply read the messages by opening Whatsapp.So here we are adding one more tips for adding Privacy to your messages on Whatsapp.
So its better to add another PIN or pattern lock separately for whatapp for accessing messages.

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Download Whatsapp Lock for Android

This application add a privacy to the messages and solve your problems.

 You can download this application with free of cost in play Store.

 It is having a very simple interface which is easy to understand.

 This application takes the photo of a person who has tried with invalid PIN.

 It supports for  android   2.2 and more.

You can download Whatsapp lock from . the below Download Link

Download Whatsapp Lock for IPhone

Till now I had not yet seen the password protection for Especially Whatsapp in Iphone.Its better to have a home screen lock and if you find any genuine app you can add here through here.Don’t comment the fake apps.

Download Whatsapp Lock for BlackBerry

     Here is a best app to lock the whatsapp with password.You can also set your desires password with your choice.

Download Whatsapp lock for Blackberry

Share this until every one should be provided with more secure
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