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Monday, April 28, 2014

What is rooting and need of rooting and its advantages and disadvantages

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   Rooting is the key word which comes in every mouth who is having smart phones.if you want to know what is rooting and its need then you  reached the correct place.


I am Suggesting that  you  must and should see the this post before rooting Your Android Smartphone.

Are You a Android Smartphone User?

If yes,then you might have heard the word “Root” many times.

If No,then read this post to get some information regarding Rooting.

What is rooting     

To gain The access of Superuser in your Android device.
Super User is Nothing but a special type of user account in OS for system administration.

rooting,what is rooting,what to do after rooting

What is the need of rooting

what is the need of rooting,what to do after rooting

                 So many minds who are having smartphones with Android OS are wandering through the rooting and why rooting and what is the need of rooting.

To gain The power of admin so that we can install apps which will ask for root process.
Rooting Is used to overcome the limitations of Device manufactures

Advantages of rooting

advantages of rooting
  • Gain the power of superuser.
  • Customise the device according to the user wish.
  • Free up Device memory.
  • Directly install apps on SD cards.
  • Install Custom ROM.

Disadvantages of rooting

    disadvantages of rooting,drawbacks of rooting

    • Breaks Device Warranty.

                   Suggestion-After completion of warranty try to root it because if you root when you are having warranty,you may not give complaint to Device manufactures for existence of any error that was generated in your android phone.
    • Decreases Device Life.
    • Danger of Viruses exists after rooting.
    • Risk of Phone bricking.

    So these are the precautions You must and should take before rooting any Smartphone..

    Any New Ideas??

        Comment Here I am always welcome to know much more things whatever you know.

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    Friday, April 25, 2014

    WhatsApp plus APK latest version free download for Android and iPhone

    Posted by Unknown
    Whatsapp is the one of the latest trending chat messenger which is going to rule the smart world.
    Actually around 450 million users are using WhatsApp every month. Almost around 90% of smartphone users especially teenagers are using WhatsApp messenger. Facebook bought the WhatsApp for $16 billion. WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited free text messages and share voice note, videos and music and so on.Whatsapp sets a trend in the traditional chatting(conversation).

    Limitations of WhatsApp

    • It is available free for first year and charged $o.99 from the next year.The developer says that they are charging to free from advertisement
    • You can’t put status as offline unless  unless the Wi-Fi or Data Connection is turn off.
    • Limited file size
    If you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp but don’t want to miss the old whatApp features then WhatsApp is the best and alternative one.

    The present and advanced version of the WhatsApp is the WhatsApp plus which is the hottest topic in the apps market.

    WhatsApp plus being advanced version of WhatsApp has provided some better and attractive features compared to WhatsApp. Almost around 60 percent of smartphone users are using WhatsApp plus instead of WhatsApp.

    Features of WhatsApp Plus

    • It is the advanced version of WhatsApp and is of free of cost for lifetime
    • WhatsApp Plus allows you to send unlimited free text messages and also share videos,voice   note,music,pictures,emoticons,graphical smileys and also many more compared to WhatsApp.
    • The User interfaceis quite impressive compared to WhatsApp
    • Whatsapp allows to import contacts from your android phone instead of adding contact  to start chatting.
    • WhatsApp does not allow users to go for offline. Once your smartphone is connected to Internet then automatically it shows as online status in WhatsApp.But in WhatsApp plus allows to kept the status as offline even the presence of internet connection.
    • Whatsapp allows you to change the font style and size very easily.
    • It has added some more options like “Hide last seen and stay offline”.
    Whatever the features that are missing in WhatsApp are added in WhatsApp Plus.

                                                                       Download link

    Just download the app  and install the app.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Expecations

    Posted by Unknown
      Android is one of the latest trends in the present day technology. According to the survey almost 46.3% users in the world are almost using the Android Operating system. Google has done best job for making the Android as best operating system. Still now there exist different versions in Android. Every update will add some feature in the Android OS. The list of all android version names is in the alphabetical order from A to L.

    If you want to know the list of android versions names from A to L.

    If you want to know the guessed version names from M to Z.

                                       Features of Android 5.0 Lime Pie

    Fast Performance on ( Considering Low-end Phones)

           Now a days almost all the phones are giving an opportunity to have an Android OS in them. Even though if mobile phones are given opportunity to have an android in their phones but they fail to operate quickly and smoothly. So to expect faster performance on this Version is best feature.

    Bright User Interface

         Still now we are experiencing a Dark user interface. iPhone and Symbian are light colored User interface(UI).If light colored user interface comes to the Android it looks beautiful and also helps in increasing the Android market.

    Gaming Centre.

        Gaming center means a stage where  all the gamers meet and challenge others and acquires prizes.

    Google’s Own Music Store.

          Android users are forced to download a new app for buying a music.The entire process is time consuming process. Instead if google comes with new and its own music store it will be beautiful and also reduces burden on Android user.

    Maintaining according to the profiles.

           This feature may not come but it’s a chance in the next higher versions. Considering example if you and your family members are using Android smartphone. If different members wants to have a different home screens and different widgets. So there is a chance of getting this feature in the next upcoming Version not exactly at that time of Lime Pie.

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    Wednesday, February 19, 2014

    Upcoming Android Version Code names after Kitkat

    Posted by Unknown

    What’s next after Kitkat? Do you wanted to know the guessed android version code names after Kitkat? Then check out here for complete information.

    Here I listed all the android version code names.If you want to know in detailed about the android version names upto kitkat check out below Post

             List of Android Versions from A to K i.e., From Alpha,Beta Cupcake to Kitkat  

    Here I listed  the guessed android upcoming android version code  names starting with letter L.

      L - Ladoo or lollipop


    There exist different names for the android version code starting with letter L namely
    Lemon Meringue Pie,
    But there exists a chance of having either Lollipop or Lemon Meringue Pie.
    I'm thinking that they changed the "K" to Kit Kat  instead of Key Lime Pie because they're going to use Lemon Meringue Pie for letter L. And they think it can't have pie after having pie.

      M - marzipan

    It is a rich sweet  which is especially done for cakes which is made of almonds and sugar.

     N - Nouguat

    Nouguat is a family of confectionaries made with the sugar/honey,roasted nuts,whipped egg whites and choped candied fruit. 

     O -  Orange Marmalde

         After several one word names google wants to make two word name like Ice cream sandwich.Orange Marmalde will be the right for it

     P -  Puff Pastry

    puff pastry is a variety and tasty one which is done in bakery.

     Q - Quinoa Pudding  

         Quinoa is considered to be a health food

    R - Red Velvet Cake  

    Red Velvet  is a cake with a dark red or red-brown colour.It is prepared as a layer cake top with cream cheese or cooked roux icing.

    S - Sugar cube  

         There are many choices for S.But Sugar cube is the best.

    T - Toffee

                     Toffee is a collection made by caramelizing sugar or molasses(creating inverted molasses) along with the butter

    U - Upside down cake

    It is a cake which is placed in a single pan

    V - Vanilla Frosting

    W - Whipped cream

    whipped cream is a cream that is done by mixer or fork and make it light weight.It is flavoured with Vanilla and also called Chantilly.

    X - ? 

      Actually Google want to skip it but can’t decide until google will name it.
    But guessed names
    Xanthan Gum

    Y -  Yellow Cakes

    Yellow cakes are obtained through milling and chemical processing of uranium ore.

    Z - Zwieback

     It is a type of sweetened bread made with eggs.
      I personally want to check out how many are going to be correct.
      Share this until every one knows this.

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    Friday, February 7, 2014

    List of Android Versions from Cupcake to Kitkat,Lollipop and its history

    Posted by Unknown 24 Comments

                             What is Android?   

                                          Android is an operating system based on the linux kernel, and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as  smartphones and tablets.

    Android has a large number of applications available for download in Google play store. Around 1 million apps are published and over 50 billion downloads.

    According to survey conducted in April-May 2013 found that Android is the most popular platform for developers .It is used by almost 71% of the mobile developer’s population.

    Google Proudly announced that 1 billion activated devices now use the Android OS worldwide.


    Android was founded by  Andy Rubin(co-founder of Danger),

        Rich Minner(co-founder of wild-fire communications)and 
        Chris White(headed design and interface development  at WebTV).


    • Initially Android was developed for Televisions, game consoles and Digital Cameras and also in electronics.
    • Later Android apps were shifted to Mobiles.
    • After 2 years Google Bought the Android in 2005.
    • Again after 2 years i.e., in 2007 Google officially announced the development of Android OS.
    • Android is an Open Source and releases the code under the Apache License.
    • The features are going to be added from one Version to another Version.

     List of Android versions from Android Alpha to lollipop

    Android  1.0                   A lpha
    Android 1.1                         B eta
    Actually API(Application level programming interface) starts from Android 1.5 i.e., from cupcake to lollipop.
    Android 1.5                         C upCake
    Android 1.6                         D onut
    Android 2.0/2.1                 E clair
    Android 2.2                        F royo
    Android 2.3                        G inger Bread
    Android 3.0/3.1/3.2        H oneycomb
    Android 4.0    `                   I ce Cream Sandwich
    Android 4.1                         J elly Bean
    Android 4.4                        K it Kat
    Android 5.0                        L ollipop              (Not released just announced which is not confirmed)

    Any Guesses for the Next version and their name?

    Here all the names assigned based on alphabets i.e., ABCEDEFGHIJK and Waiting for the next version release of Android OS starting with letter L.

    My Guess is Android 5.0 and Lollipop or Ladoo.
    Let us see what comes next after L?

    Share this until everyone knows in detail about the Android OS and its history along with versions.

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    Sunday, November 24, 2013

    How to Lock Whatspp with password in Android,IPhone,Blackberry

    Posted by Unknown
    Whatsapp lock for Android,Iphone,blackberryHave you ever think about a problem regarding the Security in Whatsapp Messenger.Whatsapp messenger doesn’t provide the inbuilt security so android users are accustomed to adding the inbuilt Pins and other pattern locking apps to protect your whatsapp messages from Unknown Person.

        But we can’t provide security to our family members.If your family member know the Pattern lock then he can simply read the messages by opening Whatsapp.So here we are adding one more tips for adding Privacy to your messages on Whatsapp.
    So its better to add another PIN or pattern lock separately for whatapp for accessing messages.

                       Read more : Hide last seen Timestamp on Whatsapp in ANdroid,Iphone

    Download Whatsapp Lock for Android

    This application add a privacy to the messages and solve your problems.

     You can download this application with free of cost in play Store.

     It is having a very simple interface which is easy to understand.

     This application takes the photo of a person who has tried with invalid PIN.

     It supports for  android   2.2 and more.

    You can download Whatsapp lock from . the below Download Link

    Download Whatsapp Lock for IPhone

    Till now I had not yet seen the password protection for Especially Whatsapp in Iphone.Its better to have a home screen lock and if you find any genuine app you can add here through here.Don’t comment the fake apps.

    Download Whatsapp Lock for BlackBerry

         Here is a best app to lock the whatsapp with password.You can also set your desires password with your choice.

    Download Whatsapp lock for Blackberry

    Share this until every one should be provided with more secure
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    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    Hide/Disable Last seen Timestamp on whatsapp in Android,iPhone

    Posted by Unknown 10 Comments
    Hide/Disable  Last seen on WhatsappNow a days Whatsapp is a best application for chatting with friends for  smartphone users.There is no need to say anything about this whatsapp if you are already a smartphone user. Around more than 1 billion whatsapp messages are sent  daily through whatsapp app.

    Whatsapp is having a best and excellent feature  i.e.,   “last seen” option  .This feature helps you to know that the person on the other side has seen the message or not. Actually it is a best option but it is troubling to some users.
        if you wish to skip  chatting with your friends  then it’s biggest problem  because whenever you saw the message the friend on the other side will be notified by the  last seen time and date.If you want to skip conversation without misunderstanding with your friends then this article is absolutely for you.
     Now  you may hide the “last seen” on whatsapp  without knowing to the others .

    Hide Last Seen Timestamp for Android Smartphone Users

      1.       just Download the app from here.
      2.       Now open app and click on “Block Last seen”.
      3.       That’s it .this is the simple procedure to hide the last seen on whatsapp.

        Want to know how it works?

         This app will disconnects the internet connection whenever you open the whatsapp server cannot update last seen when you open a message.Then close the whatsapp the internet connection is active and it will send messages without “last seen” update status.

      manual Approach

             It’s Very simple.Just disable mobile data , open  whatsapp and read messages  and close whatsapp .Then activate mobile data i.e., internet mobile connection.

    Hide Last Seen Timestamp for iPhone Smartphone Users

        This is  quite simpler compared to Android. Latest version of whatsapp for iPhone has a “Last seen Timestamp” option. This option helps you to hide the last seen on whatsapp instead of app or disconnecting mobile internet connection.
    To activate Just goto settings - - ->Advanced ---àlast Seen timestamp  and now make it as off.

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