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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top 10 iphone tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do

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The i’s have conquered the world so much to the extent that people really are unaware of the undiscovered secret tricks hidden in iPhones. There are countless things we really do not know about the iPhones. Finding out new features, makes your iPhone using experience more productive, albeit not instantaneous. Let’s look top ten tricks you didn’t know which your iPhone could do.
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1.      Take Photos with Headphone

 Even though there are so many advanced features that come with iPhone, while taking photos there are chances of photos becoming blurred and jittery. One way to reduce the blurriness is to take photos by using your headphones as a shutter button. How to take photos with headphones?
  •  Simply bring up the camera app (or certain apps such as Camera+)
  •   Set your camera as you want
  •   Press the volume + button to take the photo

And you are sure to get more clarity pictures. No shaky hands and no ruined pictures.

2.      CAPS LOCK   

iphone tricks capslock

Though it sounds simple, many of the iPhone users are not aware that there is Caps Lock feature in their phones. To turn on the Caps Lock,

  • Go to Touch Settings,
  • Tap on General and then
  • Tap on Keyboard and
  • Select Enable Caps Lock
  • Turn it ON.
When you tap the shift button (up arrow at the left side of the screen) on the keyboard it will act as a normal shift and make one letter caps. If you wish all letters to be on caps lock, double tap the shift button and it will turn blue. There after everything you type will be in caps until you turn off caps lock by tapping the shift button once more.

3.      LED Alerts   

LED flash alerts in iphone 5,iphone 4

You will be surprised to know that iPhone also provides the option of LED Alert notifications. Let’s look at the steps:
  •          Go to Settings app,
  •          Tap on General, and then
  •          Tap on Accessibility.
  •          Scroll down, and you’ll see an option for LED Flash for Alerts.
  •          Turn this on

And all new phone calls and other alerts will trigger the LED on the back of your iPhone and lets you know about the incoming calls and messages. Keep in mind not to place your phone screen-side down because the alerts don’t shine too well through solid material.

   4.      Custom Vibration

custom vibration in iphone 5,iphone 4

By default an iPhone has two swift vibration pulses for a text message and a continuous stable pulse vibration for incoming calls and all other notification alerts has single vibrations. iPhones have this option of Custom Vibration which helps you to know what kind of notification you're receiving without even looking at your phone. To set Custom Vibration
  •          Open Settings app
  •          Tap on Sounds
  •          Under the Sounds and Vibration Patterns section, choose the type of alert you'd like to create a custom vibration pattern. For example if you want to put a pattern for ringtone:
  •          Tap on Ringtone,
  •          Tap on Vibration (which you will find on the top), towards the bottom,
  •          Tap on Create New Vibration
  •          Tap the center of the screen in the rhythm you want the vibration to be. Hold your finger down for a continuous vibration. Lifting it up creates a pause.
  •          Once done, tap on Stop and if you are good to go with the pattern tap on Save.
  •      Now go back to the previous screen and assign it as your vibration pattern for that specific alert type. 

Though a bit lengthy process, you can repeat the same process for all kinds of alerts. Anything you created will then show up under the Custom Vibrations section for all alert types so you can reuse them in future.

5.      Hide Native Apps   

 Because the App Stores provide you with more of apps that make it easier to do tasks in an advanced way, sometimes the native apps which come in iPhones can be needless element. When iPhone restrictions are enabled, that prevents access by essentially hiding the app. So what you could do is:
  •          Go to Settings
  •          Tap General
  •          Tap Restrictions
  •          Enable Restrictions
  •          Enter your Password
  •          Switch toggles off to enable restrictions

When you enable restrictions you are away from all unnecessary apps.

   6.      Aplenty Emoticons 

 Emoticons are the best way individuals use these days to express emotions. iPhone helps you to have emoticons on board, without having to download an app. How to put emotions on board?
  •          Go to the Settings
  •          Tap on Keyboards
  •          Add New Keyboard
  •          Select Emoji

When you are ready to use it on messages and chats, simply bring up the keyboard, then press and hold the globe at the lower left until you see Emoji. Click on that and you are done. 

Now let’s look at some simple tricks

   7.      Switching Keyboard Quickly

It becomes quite a boring and inconvenient to switch between numbers and alphabets. If you press and hold the number key and then slide to the number and lift your finger off, it will type the number and automatically switch back to previous keyboard.

   8.      Scroll to Top – Faster

While reading a text from web or any document, scrolling to top becomes the hardest part. It’s actually time consuming and requires lots of thumb movements. There is an easy method in iPhone for scrolling to top swiftly. First, find the top tab bar, where you’ll find signal strength, time, and battery life. Then, all you have 
to do is click that area. The screen directly takes you to the top most page.

  9.      Quick Screenshots  

If you want to take a screenshot, then only thing you need to do is quickly and simultaneously press the lock button (located on the top of your phone) and your home button (the round button). The image will show up 
in your camera roll

10.      Find Your Phone   

Apple makes it easier to track your phone from any other Apple device. One has to just turn on Find My Phone under Location Services in the Settings Menu. In addition to it, you can make your iPhone sound an alarm, erase important data, and even lock the phone remotely.
Lesser and secret known features are always great help to the users. These simple tricks can make iPhone using more fun and fecund. Think Different, try these tricks and enjoy every moment of happiness.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trace your Lost or Stolen Laptops and Smartphones- How to

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               Now a day’s laptops are very useful to students to learn new things and also for officers to do their work or job through laptops. So many professionals are going to store their entire project details and its information on their personal laptops. Even so many people like marketing agencies may have a chance of losing their jobs once you lost your laptop. What happens if your personal laptop is lost or stolen? Doesn’t worry  for every problem in the world has a solution. Are you worrying about losing your laptop then what you have to do is just install the tracking software on your laptop then it will trace its location if your laptop is lost or missing.

Note: You must and should install the prey software before your laptop has been stolen by someone or lost so it is very easy to trace your lost or stolen laptop.

you may give complaint to police to track your missing laptop or tablet or mobile phone.
But for doing this you must and should install this Prey Software. You can download the Prey software from here by clicking image or the link given below.

 Download here

                                                                      Download Link

It Supports for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS.

Steps to trace a missing laptops

1.After downloading Just select New User and Click on Next.

2. Afterword’s enter your contact details like name, email address, password and computer name and click on create.

Then it shows a message as shown in below
“Account created! Remember to verify your account by opening your inbox and click on the link we sent to your email address”

4. After clicking the link it will show you the Dialog box as shown below
“Configuration updated!  Your device is now setup  and being tracked by Prey .Happy hunting.
Once your account is activated it will start tracing your devices when you changed setting as MISSING in the control panel.

You may login to their account and open control Panel and manage all settings

Click on Save to save all settings. If you want to trace your laptop then just change from OK to Missing Option in Prey Control Panel. After few minutes It will show  you the location.

Whenever your missing laptop is connected to the internet it will also show their Photo and also Desktop screen. Desktop Screen is also used to keep track of email accounts or facebook id details or any other details  of the person.
Just check out these Snapshots to know More detailed.
It will trace out the location and his image along with first connected webpage whenever he connects to internet.Through we can find out the Email address or username .

  share this to your friends until to take precaution before going to lose a laptop
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Top 10 smartphones with price

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                Now a days So many people can live without having a food but can’t live without having their smartphones not even a second also. If you are going to buy a smartphones  then you must and should chek some configuration before buying costlier smartphones.
The configurations that you must and should before buying a smartphones are as follows:

         1   Operating System.
         2   Processor name. 
 3      RAM size.
           4.       Internal Memory.
                                       5.       Display Size and Touch screen Typ 
       6.       Front camera. 
      7.       Rear Camera.
       8.       Stand By time.
9.       Whether it supports Bluetooth,Wi-FI,Hotspot,USB,2G,3G,4G,Dual Sim,Triple Sim.

Here I listed Some best smartphones above 20,000

1.iPhone 5

iphone 5,iphone 5s,iphone 5 with price,top 10 smartphones

Price                                    :   40,955     
                  OS                                      :   Apple iOS 6
Processor                             :   1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
RAM                                   :   1 GB
Internal Memory                   :   16/32/64 GB
Display                                 :   4 Inches LED capacitive touch screen
Rear Camera                        :  8GB 
Front camera                        :  1.2 GB
Stand By time                       :   225 hours
It supports                            :   3G,4G,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.


     It has large screen
     It has latest  iOS 6.

     It’s Cost is on Higher side
     Talk time is not sufficient.
     Lack of External Memory
     It has Dual Core instead of Quad Core.
     It has only 1 GB RAM.

2.Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z,Sony Xperia,SOny Xperia Z1,Sony Xperia ZR,Top android phones,top 10 smartphones

Price                                      :   38,395
OS                                        :   Android v4.2 jelly Bean
Processor                              :   2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM                                     :   2GB
Internal Memory                     :   16 GB
Display                                   :   6.4 inches Triluminous capacitive touchscreen
Rear Camera                          :   8GB
Front camera                          :   2GB
Stand By time                         :   790 hours(2G),820(4G).
It supports                              :   3G,GPS,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

                  SnapDragon 800 chipset
                  Shatter proof and  glass resistant glass.
                  Full HD display.

                 No 4G.

3.Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1,Sony Xperia,android smartphone,best android smartphone

Price                                     :   37,269
OS                                        :   Android v4.2 jelly Bean
Processor                              :  2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM                                     :  2GB
Internal Memory                    :  16 GB
Display                                  :  5 inches LED backlight LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
Rear Camera                         :  20.7 MP 
Front camera                         :  2MP
Stand By time                        :  880 hours
It supports                             :  3G,4G,GPS,Bluetooth(v4.0),USB(v2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-Fi Hotspot.


Full HD Triluminous Display
Sanpdragon 800 chipset
Sony Mobile bravia Engine 2
Water and Dust Resistant.


                           No 4G in India

4.Nokia Lumia 925

1111Nokia Lumia 925,Nokia Lumia,Best android smartphone,Top 10 smartphones,

Price                                    :  26,990 
OS                                      :   Microsoft Windows phone 8 OS
Processor                            :   1.5GHz Dual Core  Processor
RAM                                  :   1GB
Internal Memory                  :   16GB
Display                                :   4.5 inches capacitive touch screen
Rear Camera                       :   8.7 MP
Front camera                       :   1.2 MP
Stand By time                      :   440 hours
It supports                           :   3G,4G,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

                                          Latest Windows 8 OS
                                           HD Resolution
                                           AMOLED screen.


                                     Dual Core processor
                                     1 GB RAM

Sony Xperia ZR

Sony Xperia ZR,Sony Xperia,best android mobiles,top android smartphones

        Price                                  :   25,277
               OS                                     :   Android  v4.1 Jelly Bean
                Processor                           :   1.5GHz Quad Core Processor
               RAM                                  :   2GB RAM
               Internal Memory                  :   8GB
               Display                                :   4.6 inches Display
               Rear Camera                       :   13 MP
               Front camera                       :   2MP
               Stand By time                      :    470 hours(2G),520 hours(3G)
               It supports                           :   3G,GPS,Bluetooth(v 4.0),USB(v 2.0),Wi-FI,Wi-FI Hotspot.

It has water resistant,Shock and Dust Resistant

No Full HD Resolution
Non Removable battery
No 4G

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