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We are committed to create excellent long-term financial results, integrating sustainability in our business strategy, while we share these results with our consultants and clients.

Our Business

We are creating a business platform related to the cryptocurrency world, that allows our consultants and clients to access last generation products and services.

Our Products

Our innovative products and services have been developed according to the requirements of the cryptocurrency markets.

Mize Network

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Mize Network is an international company that was born from the union of a financial holding and a group of managers, developers and networking experts. The company has been created to commercialize products related to cryptocurrency, supporting the legal and financial security provided by the holding. Our international structure are located in Singapore, London and Madrid.


Mize Academy

The primary goal of Mize Academy is to help and provide an opportunity of growth to all Mizers! We want to share our expertise and knowledge to all of the Mize Family.

We will share tips for a sustainable growth and essencial tools to manage your business. We understand that your dream is to build your team, that’s why Mize Academy built the perfect tool to achieve the best results.

Let’s learn and grow together!



Powernodes is a mining club that offers the opportunity for anyone to efficiently and comfortably get into the crypto mining sector that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Powernodes is focused on offering the best form of investment and performance of crypto currencies, by using the most advanced technology and systems.

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Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry, as businesses expand across the globe.

Adrian JacuzziCEO | Mize Network

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